Sunday, September 25, 2016

Harley Teaches Isobel

Isobel Wren and Harley Havik are rival cheerleader captains but they also acknowledge each other as having the two best squads. Isobel noticed that Harley commanded a lot of respect from her girls and had heard from members of her own team about rumors of "Special Sessions" that Harley held. What were these sessions? Would Harley let Isobel know more? These were questions that Isobel would like answered and so she invited herself to Harley's home and made her request. Harley was flattered and was only too happy to demonstate how she performed the "Special Sessions" that her rival had heard about. She decides to teach Isobel personally what happens to her girls when they let down the team or themselves. She drags Isobel over her lap and starts to spank the open mouthed rival who is in shock! A spanking? Really? Harley maintains that discipline like this means that her girls fear consequences of failure and continues to show just how effective a spanking can be on a bare exposed bottom. Isobel wants to know what it feels like (she is embarrassed and feeling humiliated) so takes this session to learn more and understand how to effectively dish out a spanking! Watching these two hot cheerleaders is an awesome sight and one of the last appearances anywhere of Isobel Wren getting spanked in a cheerleader's uniform from Cheerleader Spankings

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Protester Punished

Alex has a new-found interest in environmental activism. Perhaps rather unwisely, her first target is a local property development which threatens some obscure wildlife. This particular development, and the developer, are extremely close to home! So close in fact, that Alex finds herself spanked for such disloyalty when she gets home! The enthusiastic endorsement of Alex's punishment coming from Erica, her stepmother may not, however be quite as innocent and supportive as it first appears from Northern Spanking!

Catgirl vs Ultra Red

Super hottie Alexis Grace played her own character Catgirl and when she fight Ultra Red (played by Mary Jane) there is ray-guns, wrestling and spanking going on in this energetic superheroine scene from Girl Spanks girl or the 4 site Clare Fonda Pass.

Friday, September 23, 2016

A Helping Hand

A sweet male/male spanking film, in which submissive boy Fauni Cate pays a visit to his paternal disciplinarian Dr. Richard Barton. Through an OTK spanking, a severe strapping and some loving discipline, Dr. Richard provides Fauni with the stress relief this good boy craves from Dreams of Spanking!

Bare bottom attitude adjustment for Corinne Hopkins with a hand and belt

Reform Academy principal Eric Strickman has a perfect way to adjust the attitude of bratty student Corinne Hopkins with his hand and a belt on her bare bottom. Reluctantly bent over the end of her bed, those bouncing cheeks turn red from the belt as she learns respect. “I was surprised how much the leather stung!” confessed Corinne from Firm Hand Spanking!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Badly Behaved Amelia

Amelia is sent to a special institution by her father and step-mother for her very bad behavior. She has been nothing but a very bad and bratty girl. She admits to hating her stop-mother. She is to spend a month at this place to learn how to behave properly. She will endure many punishments. In her introduction to her time there, she is made to change out of her slutty clothing into a little girl dress. She has been acting like a spoiled child, so she will be embarrassed and made to wear this childish dress. She is humiliated and hates this. She will be spanked, slippered, and caned like a naughty little girl as well from Sarah Gregory Spanking.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Mr Stern Uses His Cane

Kali can expect no mercy from Mr. Stern. He is well known to have a heart as hard as stone and an arm of immense strength well practiced at wielding a cane. If Kali did not know that, how could she this is to be her first caning, she will soon find out. So bend over Kali Redmond and take your punishment from English Spanking.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Beautiful Dani Daniels pushes the limits with club clothes - and gets spanked!

Kneeling on a chair in Richard Anderson’s office, Dani Daniels’ bare bottom quivers as his leather paddle punishes her for daring to leave her military base in a cut-out PVC club outfit in Naval Discipline. “The sting of that leather is intense on bare skin!” Dani confesses. Check the bottom rippling slo-mo and reaction replays from Firm Hand Spanking!