Thursday, July 30, 2009

Funny Games

Maggy is at home with lots of important homework to finish. However, as usual, she is easily side-tracked and finds herself playing a game on the PC instead of studying. When Alex enters the room to check on her, he catches her playing the game and orders her to stop immediately and get on with her homework. Maggy stubbornly continues with the game and ignores Alex completely. A very cross and upset Alex fetches a cane, and insists that as she is so determined to play the computer game, she must continue to play right until the end of the game. The only problem for Maggy, is that Alex will cane her bottom throughout the whole game play, right to the end! Maggy's bottom is sure to be very striped and sore by the end of the game and she wishes she'd simply finished her homework instead!.

Messing Up

Arnold comes home and is very irritated to find that his precious CD collection has been totally messed up. He angrily calls for Justine and immediately gets her to strip naked so that he may punish her. Justine receives a hard hand spanking to warm her bottom up nicely for the cane which soon follows across her already sore buttocks. Still not satisfied with his punishment, Arnold then fetches the table tennis bat and proceeds to smack Justine's quivering cheeks placed in the diaper position and her fully exposed bottom is reddened further

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Spanked at Home - Not enough

Alex returns home early one day to continue his work on his home computer. He is completely confused when he finds that his PC has somehow disappeared! He calls Maggy on her mobile phone, to ask what she knows about the mystery of the missing PC. To his absolute shock and horror,
he learns that Maggy is right at this very moment at a "flea" market and she has sold his precious computer! Alex is of course beside himself
with anger, as his PC is essential for his work and Maggy is well aware of this. He orders the girl to return home immediately. When Maggy arrives home, she knows what to expect and she is immediately hauled over Alex's knee; her panties are ripped down, exposing her bare bottom to a blisteringly hard and prolonged hand spanking. Finally, when Maggy's buttocks are very swollen and red, Alex releases her and demands that she returns to the market to retrieve his PC and that she had better dare not return home without it!.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Spanking Fantasies Come to Life

Today presents - Explicit Spanking Action!!!
Satisfy yuor spanking desires, this site has several categories of:
Males spanking Females
Ladies punished and disciplined
Gorgeous submissive ladies are bent over to receive their deserved punishments, skirts and panties all come down leaving their wonderful bottoms exposed and vulnerable.

Female spanking Male
Males Humillated and Dominated
Arrogant males are humillated and thoroughly dominated by sexy, strong willed domineering women. Wives, sisters girlfriends teachers all take the opportunity to spank their men.

Females spanking Female
Fmales spanked and Caressed
If you want to get hot under the collar watch these females in action as they spank and caress other females until their backsides glow and their warm pussies leak.

Mistresses, Master and Slaves
Extreme hardcore dungeon spankings
Master and Mistresses make full use of all their dungeon equipment to create unbelievable spanking sessions where there is no limit to their warped imagination.

Kinky Spanking Sex
Depraved sex and spanking
Spanking a bare ass is going to make a lot of sexy people too horny and they just have to satisfy their sexual desires spanking and sex is this the perfect combination.

Uniform Spankings
Erotic power and control
Hot uniform action as people abuse their position of power. Everything from maids, brides, students, role models and roommates to nurses and neighbors.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

This is more than just a business to me!

Today I present to you another website ıs Chelsea Pfeiffer That's why a lot of my attention goes into providing the very best productions possible. Have you been looking for videos that combine hot action with smart, entertaining story lines? Or, do you enjoy uncensored, unedited tapes of real live play sessions? It's all here! We understand that setting the right mood has everything to do with producing great girl-spanks-girl entertainment and that's just what we love to do. Here, you'll find the sexiest young women with the naughtiest, most spankable bottoms tanned by hand, hairbrush, paddle, cane, strap and more! A good hard spanking is what these naughty girls deserve. A great video of the proceedings is what you deserve!

What's inside GoodSpanking? How is it different from all other sites?

Discipline spankings, serious punishments AND naughty, sexy spankings. Every sort of situation and every sort of scenario. And, because Chelsea is REALLY into spanking, all her productions are made with enthusiasm and a constant commitment to quality. Check out our preview clip and see.
When Chelsea started CPE she had one special aim: To produce spanking videos that combined sexy action with stories that really added to the erotic excitement.

Chelsea never forgets that it's the mood and the chemistry that develops on screen that makes for a really memorable spanking scene. Her stories are well-written, well-paced and well-performed. Chelsea is a very understanding and compassionate director, but she will never put up with boredom! If any of her performers look drowsy a few fast hard smacks to the behind wake them up FAST! Chelsea Spanks No edits, no cuts, no tricks - just long hard spankings Chelsea dishes out the discipline and isn't afraid to use whatever implement is required to get the job done properly. Of course, she shows a little compassion as well, rubbing, teasing, even applying a little soothing lotion, if needed. All of the action and dialogue is natural and unrehearsed and you see every second of it because the camera never stops and the tape is never cut. Something new and beautiful is always being revealed. Yes, the spankings can really hurt. After all, they're for punishment .....aren't they?

GoodSpanking upload four new 3 minute clips every week, Plus 75 or more new photos!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Today I present to you spankıng sıte with very beautiful girls

Today I present to you the review of Good Spanking Classics
This site is Chelsea Pfeiffer brought together some of the first on the Internet and the best spanking interesting material is 50/50 site offering pictures and movies. Seeing this site brings back memories of burgeoning interest in gorgeous women, who went through their daily lives finding the tiniest reason to bend each other over their knees and give them what they deserved. These are the Classic Spanking movies of yesteryear. Probably some that you have seen the pictures but yet to have seen the movie of these lovely lades spanking each others perfect rears. You can look forward to 4 new spanking scenes per week.

Here Chelsea does all the spanking.For Victoria's Proper Behavior Catharine just can't get all the rules of living with her lady. Whenever something isn't done just so, it's time for another lesson for the blonde beauty with the lovely and generous figure.

Meet Veronica, patient of the somewhat unorthodox clinical therapist, Dr. Sharon Kane. Coaxed by her doctor, Veronica reveals her embarrassing desire to be spanked with her panties down! Good Site!!!
Last Updated 07-17-2009: Site contains 856 Photos in 42 Photo Stories and 256 Video Clips

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Spanking Save Our Marriage

My husband started spanking me this year. When I disobey him, upset him, or if he feels I need an attitude adjustment I'll get a spanking. During the last 5 years, we been fighting a lot. Our marriage was about to fall apart. I was being super bitchy all the time and couldn't control it. I felt that I didn't love him anymore and I wanted to leave this marriage. I was miserable. I didn't know how to make things better. This year, my husband gave me my first spanking for being bitchy. Then he set down the rules for me and told me that I'll be getting spankings whenever he felt it was necessary.

I felt so much better knowing my bounderies. I was no longer miserable. I started feeling guilty about all the past fights and the mean things I've said. I knew things would be better from then on and it has been. I realized I do love him a whole lot and I want to be a good wife. I get about 3 spankings average per week. He has me pull down my panties and bend over the bed. He uses 4 leather paddles, 2 wooden paddles, razor strap and a school cane. He gives me around 50 strokes. The spankings have helped me gain self-control. Life is so much better now.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Orgasm during school corporal punishment

It happened back in the 70's when I was sixteen, my friends and I smoked pot for the first time with some boys at the back of the school and we got caught. We were taken to the Headmaster and we had to line up outside his office, the boys were to get the cane and us girls were to have our bottoms smacked.
Whilst I was waiting outside for my turn I became really sexually aroused. When it was my turn and I had to go in and bend over and after about six or seven hard slaps on the bum…I came! Luckily it wasn't really noisily, but I do think he realised which I was and still am mortally embarrassed about. I don't know if it was the pot that I had smoked or what? I was still really dizzy and weird feeling at the time and I can't think why else it could have happened.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Real Spanking Story - after work

We sat and chatted for a while and then he said -- right young lady the time has come to deal with your desires, come over here. I walked over and stood beside him and he ran his hand up my legs under my skirt and started to caress me, suddenly I felt pressure on my thigh and I just sort of bent forward over his knee. He started to slap my bottomthrough my skirt and said enjoy this because it will certainly get a lot more interesting. He continued to slap me and all sorts of feeling ran through me.

Suddenly he stopped and said stand up, remove your skirt and bend over in front of me. This I did and he then proceeded to spank me over my little black After a while he said remove your top and get over the back of the sofa. He then said to stay where I am while he got a short leather strap. He then gave me ten stripes with the s trap which really got me going. OK now remove your bra and stand against the wall, hands out legs spread and push that arse out. Once in position he made some adjustments and then spanked me with his hand again

Suddenly his hand went between my legs and he said your very wet and I think you are enjoying this too much. Now he wanted me to remove my and suspender belt and bend over the arm of the sofa. He then continued to spank me and then said I think you are ready now for a proper spanking. He left me there and came back with a horse crop, about 2foot or more. I am going to give youten strokes with this across your before I strip you completely and finish the job he said.

He then took careful aim and began - wow- I've never imagined feelings like it. At first alarm at the pain and then total joy as the pain subsided and spread like a small fire across my bum and down below. I almost came on the spot. e continued to whip me and the feelings just grew and grew. Once he had finished he told me to remove my last barrier, my and to present them to him as a prize. I put my fingers in the waist band and slowly lowered them to my knees, turned away from him and slipped them down and off.

I want you bent over the dining room table with your arms stretched out as far as you can across the other side. Do not move or I will start again every time you resist. I always enjoy my dinner at this table and now I am going to enjoy you before I eat you out. I moved to the table and spread myself as instructed. He then finished my spanking with a flurry of stripes across my now very red and naked arse.

After he had put down the whip I heard the unmistakeable sound of his zip sliding down and a warm nudge between my cheeks as he proceeded to screw me to the table. Once he had finished he just said get dressed and my gardener will take you home. I will see you tomorrow in the office, dont be late.