Monday, March 12, 2012

Introducing Mishka

Please give a warm welcome to Mishka, a native of Prague from the Czech Republic who is the latest new girl to appear at our site! She is one of the naughtiest young madams we know and it's not surprising since at the tender age of just 21 she has been appearing in many hardcore films recently and when she wrote to us asking to be spanked on film (it is a fetish she is genuinely into, thankfully) then we were more than happy to show you just what she was capable of... as a slutty temptress and a real submissive! This film is in 2 sections but you get to see it all in one go, the 1st half we see Mishka masturbate to a shuddering climax with her vibrating wand which finished her off in under a minute and then she is given a long lingering spanking over the knee of John who was more than happy to film her state of very real arousal before, during and after her introduction from Triple A Spanking!

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