Sunday, April 22, 2012

Zoe spanks Jessica

Zoe Page is well known as a fearsome spanker and we employed her services for a very memorable day! Not only that, we got in a totally new "spanking virgin" who thought being spanked by a girl would be easier... oh dear! Wrong! Jessica soon discovered that girls could be as mean as boys if they wanted to! There is a brief introduction as both girls are new to this site then down to action as Jess is asked to get over Zoe's lap. This was a real eye opener as poor Jess clearly struggled to maintain her dignity with her bare bottom getting smacked slowly harder and harder and her cheeks started to redden shamefully. This was the very first time Jessica had been spanked by a woman and check out her reactions from Triple A Spanking!

1 comment:

Aunty Andrea said...

Spanked by a girl, easier? Oh my goodness no, Jessica! I'm sure Zoe spanked all the harder when she heard that. I love the cheeky little pose she does at the end displaying her freshly reddened globes.