Thursday, February 21, 2013

Fantasy Spankings

Welcome to the final part of John's fantasy spankings. Imagine having such a naughty girl guide minx in such a provocative position over your lap and then spanked in that most revealing wheelbarrow position! Well, imagine no more as John fulfills his fantasy in one of his favourite films that caused the poor man all sorts of "Trouser Arousal" issues! Naughty Mishka assumes her place over his lap in a traditional OTK spanking first with some nice camera angles before the final wheelbarrow spanking takes place with lots of gratuitous bottom rubbing, groping and carressing in between the spankings. You will also see copious amounts of lotion being rubbed and massaged into Mishka's very sore red bottom! She only ever worked for our company in the UK before retiring from spanking & disciplinary films for other companies so we are very privileged to bring you yet another film in this very naughty and popular spanking series from Triple A Spanking!

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