Sunday, July 27, 2014

Late Schoolgirl

Since returning from 'Discipline Camp,' Mandie has done her very best to be a good girl. No more drinking or insolence to those in authority. One day, she was studying with friends and lost track of the time. He father had set a strict rule that she is to come straight home from school. Suddenly Mandie realized that it had gotten late and her heart began to beat rapidly from fear. She grabbed her books and computer and ran to the bus. When she got home her father waiting for her and was clearly unhappy. Soon, she found herself over her father's lap for a spanking. As he put her in place and lifted her skirt, Mandie cried "I'm sorry!" This did not deter her father from the mission of giving his daughter the punishment needed to keep her from regressing. Her spanking began over her regulation school panties, and then to her bare bottom. Unlike in previous times, Mandie did not disrespect her disciplinarian, all she could do was cry from the pain and humiliation from Punished Brats.

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