Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Wedgie Punishments

Coach Sarah Gregory had two slacking cheer girls, Joelle Barros and Lily Swan report to her office. She had plans to discipline them and at first wanted to just scold them but the girls had deliberately flouted the uniform rules wearing innapropriately colored panties. She was so annoyed that she decided to spank the girls and use their panties against them. She gave them painful humiliating wedgies, as she pulled the cotton cloth up tight inside their cracks, tighter and tighter, spanking the girls as she did so! However, when the girls were given the correct pair to put on, they threw them onto the floor and as Sarah went to retrieve them, her skirt rode up revealing to Lily that she was wearing a slutty white thong! The cheer girls were shocked that Miss Sarah could be such a hypocrite and returned the favor giving her a very uncomfortable wedgie pulling. Then, they made her change out of the thong into regulation white cotton full bottom panties for more wedgies and of course spankings. They give her the same punishment she gave them! A hot all girl spanking film with a twist from Cheerleader Spankings


  1. ooh i wanna see this vid so bad. those wedgies look so hot. i love the panties they're wearing. especially sarah with her white cotton panties. i can imagine watching them pick their wedgies out with one hand too

  2. Ooh just bought this vid and Man! TOO SEXY! Oh I was going krayzie on how sexy it was to watch them get spanked and wedgied in their pretty panties. I love the natural wedgies, so sexy when girls panties ride up their butts. I love how Sarah would pick their wedgies out and I really loved watching them pick their wedgies out with one hand. This is the sexiest most arousing spanking vid I ever seen. Please make more like this. And get some fat girls and some black girls too