Sunday, November 6, 2016

Extra Motivation

This week sees the introduction of hot cheer coach, Christina Carter. She has seen it all with her girls and on an away trip noticed how one young girl, in particular, had let down the entire team and squad. She intends to discipline Luna Lain and calls her to her room. This beautiful cheergirl knows she is in big trouble and half heartedly apologizes but Coach Carter knows what is best! She takes Luna over her lap and spanks the brat whilst making her recite their "Knights team" cheer. The spankings continue with Luna's tight panties pulled down. She feels embarrassed that her bare bottom is being smacked but feels even more foolish being made to recite the cheers louder in what's left of her uniform and with more conviction. The relentless spankings only stop when coach thinks this young girl has learnt her lesson and will cheer properly for the team next time from Cheerleader Spankings

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