Sunday, August 21, 2011

Slapper Globber

Leia has been waiting for Irelynn to get ready so they could go out for an upmarket and more sophisticated girls night out! However, Irelynn's dress sense is far from Leia's idea of acceptable for the places she intends to take them and accuses her of looking like a "slapper" - Irelynn just looks far too tarty for the establishments they'll be enjoying so an argument ensues but Leia's patience wears thin and she drags Irelynn over her lap for a reminder spanking of just what a brat she is! Irelynn continues to bicker and answer back so her bare bottom is given a resounding leather paddling whilst still over Leia's knee! She soon teaches Irelynn who's the boss in this relationship before they hug and make up! The mood, the lighting and the apartment work beautifully and makes this a cracking OTK girl on girl spanking film! Enjoy what we think was the last ever purely F/F spanking role that that Irelynn starred in before her online retirement from Triple A Spanking

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