Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Dutch Girl Scout

Beautiful Leandra was an exchange student over from Holland and she was in England to learn how girls at her new school behaved. Many of the pupils were members of the school's Girl Guide organization and Leandra had been enrolled in that as well to experience what her fellow guiders did out of school hours. Unfortunately, Leandra had been so badly behaved in this uniform that it had been brought to the attention of Mr Osborne who then showed her what happened to naughty girls that disgraced the uniform they represented, in or out of school. Leandra was an arrogant young madam that soon learnt that manners and humility would go a long way in avoiding such embarrassing bare bottomed correction. Fortunately for us we get to see her punished and shamed with a good solid red bottom spanking that soon put her in her place from Triple A Spanking!


  1. that one needs a firm hand and paddle that is for sure.

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