Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Backhand Foreplay.

Veronica Ford & Elise di Medici.
It's hot, it's hard...and two girlfriends with a grudge give each other their best swats. And, that's just the tennis match. Are you ready?" Veronica challenged Elise from across the court. Okay, then. Here comes the Veronica Fireball Special!" she warned. "Better watch out, Elise. I'm not kidding." "Yeah, right. So serve it already, Miss Fireball," answered Elise. Veronica aced the serve, but Elise's return was too high and too hard. "Out!" Veronica taunted approaching the net. "What? You're crazy,"

Elise said, exasperated. "Your eyesight's worse than your tennis game," teased Veronica. "I'm taking you home to award the loser's prize," she continued, laughing at Elise's sore-loser face. No, no, no!" cried Elise, her bottom bared and clenched in anticipation of the spanking to come. "Don't you want your loser's prize?" Veronica asked, enjoying the moment a little too much for Elise's pride. "It's not me who deserves it!" insisted Elise. "You only won two games! You know the agreement." Veronica reminded Elise, unable to resist spanking her tennis pal's pert bottom any longer.

"Loser gets spanked!" she taunted.
"Oh! Hey! I was just warming up!" pouted Elise.
"Well, that's all I'm going to do. I'm just going to warm you up a little bit," giggled Veronica.
"Huh uh, you're giving me a spanking and it hurts!" Elise argued.
"Oh, just a little bit. Spankings are supposed to hurt a little bit," Veronica calmly countered.

"My, your little bottom is getting warm already," said Veronica, admiring the robust warmth emanating from Elise's rear. "I never would have agreed to the game rules if I had known what a heavy swing you have!" said Elise, her unfair friend now draped across her knee. "Are you implying that I took unfair advantage of you?"
The protestations were now coming from Veronica. "You're just a sore loser! Stop spanking me now! This isn't fair!" Veronica cried, her bottom already as hot as Elise's seemed moments earlier. "Until you kick and squirm and promise never to do that again!"

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