Friday, October 9, 2009

Spanke Shoppe: The Office Visit.

Our Spanke Shoppe series was proving to be quite popular, so we knew we could tap that for the introduction of a new (and decidedly nervous) spankee, Andrea Neal, who also proved to be very popular.
Frustrated and over-stressed executive, Andrea, hires Spanke Shoppe representative, Eve, to take the spanking Andrea wishes she could give to her secretary. But, it soon becomes clear to Eve that Andrea needs to receive just as badly as she needs to give. "You've been an utterly lazy, stupid, absolutely incompetent secretary," scolded Andrea, role-playing with her hired spankee. "Oh, no! Please don't spank me," said Eve, playing along, but just a touch worried about her pretty tush. Andrea enjoyed this opportunity to release a little aggression. The spanking session complete, Eve rubbed her sore bottom. But, she knew as a Spanke Shoppe professional she couldn't leave without giving Andrea what she felt was truly necessary.

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