Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Starring Mina Meow and Samantha Grace

Mina got embarrassingly drunk at the office party and decided to sit herself down, bare bottomed, on the photocopy machine and make a stunningly clear copy of her own ass. Uh, that didn't fly! Samantha was spanking fast and hard. Poor Mina's voice was all shaky as she tried to endure the punishment spanking. And, of course, Mina's bottom was as red as her panties! "I'm going to pull these panties down," Samanta explained as she began to do just that.

"Oh no! No, please!" Mina pleaded. Yes! I'm going to give you a REAL spanking," Samantha promised as she resumed. "That was good enough!" Mina said, her voice still shaky. "I don't need anymore!" "I don't believe you at all," Samantha calmly replied as she continued to apply her hand to Mina's very tiny, but very red bottom. Samantha even spanked the very top of Mina's thighs, which stung almost worst than upon her bottom.

In fact, Samantha worked her hand all over Mina's behind and thighs, creating quite a work of spanking art. "No! Stop! Stop!" Mina managed to shout out between stinging spanks. "Nope," Samantha said simply. "I'm not finished."
Mina closed her eyes and panted, trying to absorb the fact that this spanking wasn't going to be over anytime soon.
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