Monday, February 13, 2012


Joey is a 26 yearold straight guy, a recent transplant, unemployed and looking to makesome money. He's a real ladiesman, even has an implant in his cockto enhance a woman's pleasure. Butthis day Rich stripped him of his manlypride. Taking him OTK and usinga paddle and hairbrush, he had him fillingthe room with his high pitched wailing and hollering, glad that no young womenwere present to witness his punishment. Rich has Joey tied face down to a bar stool, his beefy ass in theair and his cock and balls hanging visibly beneath him, in an exposed andvulnerable position, looking scared and worried . He continues the punishmentwith a whip and rawhide cane, thestinging bite of these two instrumentshas the muscular straight guy crying out in pain, writhing andcursing with every blow. From Reluctant Young Men

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