Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sarnies and Red Bottoms

Jenna & Taylor were 2 unhelpful Girl Guides who should have been preparing the sandwiches for the local Village Hall Fete but instead the girls gossiped idly and even prepared the food most unhygienically! Luckily, the ever suspicious Mr Osborne had been viewing their behaviour on CCTV (he always does that with potentially naughty girls, doesn't he?) and he wasted no time confronting them both with evidence of their shambolic attitude and quickly took turns to spank both girls in front of each other. But worse was to come as he ensured they were thoroughly humiliated in their uniforms after seeing the disgraceful blight to their dresscode with racy panties, he whacked them both on the bare with the paddle and that awful bathbrush they really hated, their bottoms stuck out high in the air and in the embarrassing diaper position on the cold stainless steel kitchen table! Ladies & Gentlemen, you miss this film at your peril from Triple A Spanking!

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