Friday, February 3, 2012

Maintaining Sophie

This movie pulls no punches and lovely Sophie gets onto the punishment stool so her spanking can begin seconds into the film. Sophie is there for her weekly maintenance spanking - that is it! This is on top of any extra punishments she may have got and she knows there is no mercy if she arrives with her bottom already near thrashed and throbbing sore from another punishment or spanking. This is why her meeting for this particular week worries her as her bottom is already very sore & welted from an earlier thrashing that day and it doesn't take much effort with the slipper, strap and bathbrush to show off her red speckled ass cheeks glowing with shame. Sophie endures this painful reminder and waits for John to rub in some soothing cream afterwards whilst he then allows her to rub her glistening bottom during corner time to reflect on her latest weekly punishment with him from Triple A Spanking.

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