Friday, December 11, 2009

No Time for a Bake Sale!

In our first "official" spanking MILFS story, Jewell Mareau is a busy working mom up against it time-wise when the annual bake sale roles around. Stay-at-home mom Stacy isn't thrilled about having to fill in for Jewell, yet again, and she isn't about to take it lying down! View VIDEO CLIP of Good Spanking

Angelina - Texting In Class

Angelina’s punishment won’t conclude until Veronica has decided the message has been thoroughly sent.
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Bare Bottom Bedroom Paddling

Monica, naked and on hands and knees on her bed, receives the small wooden paddle from Mr. M.
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Thalia gets our special stop smoking spanking

Thalia wants to quit smoking and I promised her during her interview that.I would give her our special stop smoking spanking and here is the video. For those of you who haven't seen Kitty and Betty get our stop smoking spanking the idea is quite simple.
I put Thalia across my knee, bared her bottom and she had to light a cigarette.
She then had to smoke it while I spanked her soundly non stop untill the cigarette was finished. Very effective.

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Snow Meets Chloe

Chloe meets her new roommate Snow - who hears about how Chloe has been spanked by Louise and did nothing about it. Snow teaches Chloe how to stand up for herself - by giving her a sound spanking - finishing with a hairbrush........
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lady Cheryl

Sales lady Cheryl has arrived home but does not know that her husband has been told of her misdeeds and her punishment. After trying to lie her way out of the situation she finds herself over her husband’s knee for a blistering spanking and thinks that is the end of it but no. Now it’s time for the cane, bent over her bed she receives the very first caning of her life, a real hard caning is delivered to her already red and marked bottom.
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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Film - Ping Pong Paddling

Mr Stamp has been kind enough to allow his two young charges, Amelia Jane and Niki, to make full use of his facilities while they stay with him. An afternoons table tennis develops into a minor war however and Mr Stamp is forced to intervene. The girls soon discover an alternative, painful use of the ping pong paddle. Very nice the girls look hot in their gym clothes Northern Spanking

Sinn with Dylan Ryder

Boss Sinn has the hots for her assistant, Dylan. She calls Dylan in for a little performance review, suggesting that her assistant might not be utilizing all of her available assets on the job. Dylan picks up on the pick up line and soon the ladies are undressing and spanking, kissing and otherwise making ample use of their assets! CLICK HERE to visit SpankSinn View VIDEO CLIP

Chop shop spanking

Laila enters the chop shop and punishes Amber for a job not well done. Lalia bends
Amber over a car and gives her a good spanking. She then orders Amber to remove her jeans and panties and spanks her ass with a paddle. Laila cuts Amber white beater shirt off with a scissor and continues paddling her rosy bare bottom. Laila sits down, forces Amber over her knee and gives Amber a firm OTK paddling.

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Discipline Tutor - CH

Courtni Kissell keeps everyone waiting and isn’t dressed when Cindy Wallace comes to get her in Discipline Tutor. Fresh out of the shower, the towel is pulled away to expose pert breasts bouncing free as she’s bent over for a finale spanking to remember. As Courtni’s bottom turns a deeper shade of red, the tears soon start to fall. Her nudity simply adds to the embarrassment!
Spectacularly topless, Courtni cries as she suffers a nude spanking

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Spanked Young Twink

Severe man is eager to punish his naughty gay by means of ass spanking.

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Monday, November 30, 2009

Extreme Ironing

Irelynn Logeen & Stephen Lewis

Household chores can be so dull and Irelynn, despairing of ever finishing the ironing, allows her mind to wander with disastrous results. Look at that lovely iron-shaped hole in Stephen's lovely pink shirt! Looks like Irelynn's lovely bottom will be a lovely shade of pink before too long!

Last Update 30th Nov 2009 Northern Spanking