Monday, January 31, 2011

Annabelle Vanderwood - Life Coach

Sassy, sophisticated and spankable - three elements contributing to the exceptional style of Annabelle Vanderwood. This tight-bodied hottie missed an appointment with Mr Reed, and is soon bent over grabbing her ankles in tight denim jeans. As the wooden paddle cracks across her bottom, she holds her composure…but not for all ten swats! “That hurts!” she complains. From Firm Hand Spanking.

Cleaning lessons

When I visited Julie and Kiara I noticed that both their appartments were a mess. Time for another painfull lesson I decided to have them both come over and give them an afternoon of painfull cleaning lessons. I started by giving them both a sound OTK spanking. Then I told them to take off their pants and panties and with their bottoms bare, they had to scrub the cracks between the floortiles with a toothbrush. I kept a good eye on their work and my wooden paddle visited their bare bottoms numerous times. They also had to clean the microwave and oven which earned them another sound spanking and I finished off the afternoon with a good leather paddling and birching. From Real Life Spankings.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Kinky Punishment For Naked Ass

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Surely Not My Girls

The girls form tutor visits them at home to tell Paul he has no choice but to expel them after their heinous behaviour at school. Of course, discipline these days is not what it once was, and Paul is shocked to learn the girls have been in trouble before. He sanctions corporal punishment to be delivered by their form tutor, and with a cold caning in store for each girl, they are about to be very sorry young ladies indeed. From Northern Spanking.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Spanked for Skipping School

Betty, Frankie and Sophie are caught mid day watching movies at home instead of studying at school where they are supposed to be. Danny tells Frankie to go and get her paddle. He has her bend over and begins to paddle her, his paddle breaks and then he has her go and retrieve Betty's paddle. He finished paddling her on her panties. From Real Spankings or the better valued 8 site Real Spankings Pass.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Alison Miller - Boot Camp

Tough discipline is not what flame-haired Alison Miller is used to. Boot Camp is a shock to her system, especially when she comes last on an exercise run and is spanked for it by Earl Grey. Not just spanked, but 30 smacks with a large wooden clothes brush on bare skin, legs above her head. “I hate that brush, I hate that position. That spanking was tough,” she said with a smile. From Firm Hand Spanking.

Property Damage

Juliet was arrested for vandalism and the only thing she seems concerned with is how her evening was ruined having to sit at the police station. David is about to redirect her thoughts with a dose of the strap. From Punished Brats.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Kiara was called into Dr. Johnson's office because a few of her patients complained they had no dessert cups with their lunch. Kiara got a sound OTK spanking from Dr. Johnson. Upon investigation she found out it was naughty nurse Julie who took them so she told Dr. Johnson who was very kind and allowed nurse Kiara to spank Julie herself which she did with a vengeance. Dr. Johnson gave Julie a sound spanking also and both nurses were sent back to their duties. From Spanked In Uniform.

Staff Discipline

Not a busy day in Mr Kennedys office, so he decides to carry out a review of his secretarys performance over recent weeks. Of course she is found wanting and so, in the interests of office harmony, Mr K decides to devote the rest of the day devising and carrying out a series of increasingly painful and humiliating punishments! From Northern Spanking.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Kayla Apple - Private School

Rules at Private School are strictly enforced. Making out with a boy in the janitor’s room is not a wise move for pretty senior Kayla Apple . Looks like Principal Archer will have to tan her hide with a leather paddle - and he’s got the largest he can find! 20 blistering whacks with that thick leather burns Kayla’s bottom bright red and ensures she’s truly sorry. “That thing packs a sting,” she says. From Firm Hand Spanking.

Officer Chris Spanks Clare

Clare has been attempting to blackmail and boss around Officer Chris. Well Office Chris is having none of that. So she teaches Clare a hard lesson right in the bathroom, first taking her over the knee for a hard spanking, then bending Clare over the counter to drive home the lesson. She brings Clare to tears. From My Spanking Roommate or the 4 site Clare Fonda Pass.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

First spanking

Leandra told us that her friend Bianca is also a very naughty young lady who likes and needs regular spankings so she brought her over. It is indeed quite obvious that Bianca is a very wild and naughty girl but she is also very charming, beautifull, delightfull, fun to have around and we are glad she is part of our ever growing RLS team. As per tradition I put her across my knee and gave her bottom a sound first spanking which is just what she needed. She is also a good friend of Kathy so I am sure you will be seeing a lot of her in the future. Make her feel welcome guys and gals! Oh and don't think leandra got away with an unspanked bottom she was next! From Real Life Spankings.

Frankie's Spanking Lesson

Betty, Sophie and Frankie are interviewed by Mr. M about the day that they have had so far. M asks Frankie if she is interested in spanking. He has Betty give Sophie an OTK handspanking to show her how it is done. Then its time for Frankie to try giving Sophie a handspanking. From Real Spankings or the better valued 8 site Real Spankings Pass.