Sunday, May 31, 2015

Spanked for Stealing

Maddy and Alex are best friends and vacationing in Vegas together. Alex can't find the money she put in the safe. Maddy is anxiously waiting for Alex as they have plans to meet friends in the casino. Alex suspects Maddy has taken the money and confronts her. Maddy tries to lie and Alex hears the money rustling beneath Maddy's short skirt. After finding the money she spanks her friend to teach her a lesson about stealing and honesty from Sarah Gregory Spanking.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Nurses Ivey And Mandy

A patient came into the hospital for a regular check up and Dr. Johnson gave him permission to quickly phone his wife when nurses Ivey and Mandy entered and confiscated the phone. They were quite rude to the patient and Dr. Johnson ordered them to wait in his office. There after a good scolding nurse Ivey went over his knee for a good spanking !

Friday, May 29, 2015

Satine Spark Spanked In The Shower

Satine although very beautiful can be a little selfish at times and none more so than when she is in the shower, she takes an age. I was trying to get ready to go to work and she would not come out of the bathroom. When I eventually managed to get in there I was more than a little cross and decided she needed to be taught a severe lesson. Nothing hurts more than a wet bottom spanking and that is what she got. I have a very heavy hand and I really did let her poor bottom have the full benefit of it from Spanking Sarah.

Peachy bare cheeks strapped in Amelia’s latest fantasy fulfillment

There’s nothing like a little roleplay to spice up a marriage, as Amelia fantasises about being political secretary to Earl Grey. Any mistake is punished in Getting to the Bottom of It: a good strapping across her curvy bare bottom can only help improve her work from Firm Hand Spanking!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Losing the Room Keys

Alex and Paul took time out from their own private online project "Kitchen Sink Productions" to show us all exactly what they both make at their intimate spanking website that examines their own relationship with much brattiness and eventual contrition from Alex... as well as the loving D/S relationship that Paul has with her. It would be quite obvious to casual observers such as us, in this short film, that we were fortunate enough to glimpse a part of something very real and not contrived with this spanking carried out as a typical and sometimes playful punishment they would do at home or show at their own clips site. This video was made uniquely for AAA to highlight their relationship, in this case with Alex forgetting her hotel room key (again) and the banter that Alex & Paul had as she pouted from Triple A Spanking!

Monica Steals Danny's Credit Card

Danny confronts Monica about receipts he found and mysterious charges to his credit card. She denies spending the money, but Danny sees through her lies. She is laid over the ottoman with her bottom bared and spanked hard with the hairbrush from Real Spankings or the better valued 8 site Real Spankings Pass.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Ultra-flexible gymnast Anna Grant superbly spanked for misuse of her cellphone

Earl Grey is always firm but fair. When gym-toned, tight-bodied Anna Grant gives him insolence instead of obedience, out comes his stinging leather paddle. It’s Gymnast Hell as the paddle tans Anna’s hide first over shorts, then panties and bare bottom from Firm Hand Spanking!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Bemby The First Spanking

Another new young lady for English Spankers. Bemby is young and very shy and nervous but we do manage to put her at her ease enough for her to tell us all a bit about her journey into spanking. It seems that she really does like to be spanked but this has only happened before in private, now she has agreed that we can film her getting a really hard over the knee spanking. She is a lovely young cheeky girl who just needs some encouragement to turn into a very desirable spankee and you will we know love her film from English Spanking.

No Daughter of Mine

Sarah was sent shopping for school clothes but comes back with an outfit that is not suitable for her Momma's taste. "No daughter of mine will be seen wearing clothes like that!" Momma says, and turns Sarah over her knee for a hard hand spanking. Momma isn't convinced that Sarah has learned her lesson from a hand spanking and takes the slipper to her already sore spanked bottom for more punishment from Momma Spankings!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Strapped and Caned

Pandora Blake moans with pleasure and urges John Phillips to hit her harder in this beautifully intimate, candid strapping and caning porn film that leaves her bare bottom visibly welted from Pandora Blake !

Bootylicious bare bottom strapped for partying: Karen Hughes feels leather

It’s party time for House-sitter Karen Hughes - until boss Jonny Stockton finds out and decides to give his new leather strap a taste of Karen’s juicy rear. First on denim shorts, then panties, finally bare, her cheeks take a licking to more parties from Firm Hand Spanking!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

No Granny Knickers

Sexy maid Leandra was sent out to give a strip tease but the next day the agency got a phonecall from the client saying that she wore unsexy Granny knickers and that spoiled the whole strip tease. Leandra was called and she got a good scolding followed by a sound OTK spanking. She was then told to go back to the client and this time, with no knickers on, she was to play the naughty spanked maid from Spanked In Uniform!

The Thieving Maid

Jennifer is a trusted member of the household but then she is caught on camera stealing money from the elderly father, it seems she has been doing this for some time. After some stern telling off she is placed over the knee, her maids uniform dress raised and she then gets a blister, bottom marking spanking. This is well laid on as befits the crime, no little taps just good hard spanking right from the start. Another great Hand Made Film featuring a brand new girl in the spanking scene from Red Stripe Films.