Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Good Old Fashioned Brotherly Love

Sarah calls her Brother, Preston, to come and get her a party because there is no one sober enough to drive her home. Preston threatens to tell mom and dad if Sarah doesn't take a spanking from him. She takes her spanking, but not without a fuss from Sarah Gregory Spanking.

Samantha Woodley and Alison Miller in club-land

Two of our hottest models, Samantha Woodley and Alison Miller, star in the all-new series, Miss Tushy’s Burlesque Club. Allaura Shane is Miss Tushy, mad as hell when she finds her girls are giving away alcohol! A sound double-spanking in their cute-as-hell uniforms is the only way from Firm Hand Spanking!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tina's first spanking

Beautiful young model Tina finds herself in financial trouble and calls on those nice people at Spanked For Cash to lend her some money. Their rep takes one look at this lovely young lady and agrees but she has to take the customary spanking and as this is her very first spanking the nasty rep says he will go easy on her tender young bottom. Did he? NO WAY, this young lady took a hell of a spanking and you will see the result in this great real spanking film from English Spankers.

Kat St James

Katherine "Kat" St. James is a spanking model who loves it and was spanked growing up. It's a rare combo but sometimes you find a beautiful girl who was spanked by her mom and dad and still craves the discipline. Kat has some great stories and Veronica Ricci makes a cameo as her sister. Kat reminds us of a young Jodie Foster Spanked Sweeties.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Punishment by Proxy

Jimmy and Pandora are in detention for breaking the six inch rule - again. Since normal methods have failed, their frustrated teacher tries a little aversion therapy, and makes them punish each other from Dreams of Spanking.

Naval uniform infraction

Lack of respect for an officer and flaunting naval dress-code earns stunning six-footer Adrienne Black an embarrassing spanking with a leather paddle in Secretary. 10 swats on her skirt, 10 on panties, and 10 totally bare bottom from Capt Reed will make her shape up fast from Firm Hand Spanking!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

The punishment for not paying gym fees

It had come to my attention that Manuela had not paid her gym fees on time. I waited untill I knew she was at her gym and I phoned her and told her to come straight to us after her gym session and keep her gym clothes on. When she arrived she had no idea why but she soon found out why her bottom was going to be red and sore again. Over the desk she went and I gave her a sound leather paddling and sent her home from Real Life Spankings.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Mother's concern

Elise is back from college to stay with her mother for the summer. Mom (played by Clare Fonda) reminds Elise that she has slipped in many ways and she has decided to do something she hasn't done in years, and that is to spank her daughter when she misbehaves. There are many traditional spankings that take place over this summer, and even a mouth-soaping. Spankings include hand, hairbrush and ruler from Girl Spanks Girl or the 4 site Clare Fonda Pass.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Homework Time

Pi has been letting her homework pile up in favor of watching endless marathons of trash television. David paddles Pi's bottom until it is so sore and bruised that she'll have trouble sitting to do her assignments from Punished Brats.

Make Belinda Lawson study

School skirt up and panties down, bouncing bottom bared, pretty Belinda Lawson is told to bend over a desk for Mr Anderson to make her study in End of Term. Texting instead of working hard costs our high school beauty 61 strokes with a leather strap. Now those must sting from Firm Hand Spanking!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The nursing Home Scam

Matron is none too happy, there are some funny goings on at her nursing home and she needs to get to the bottom of it. Enter Sarah Sly Private Eye, she is set to find the guilty party. It does not take long and young nurse Sally is apprehended doing the naughties with poor Paul. It's the police or an instant punishment from Sarah Sly, nurse Sally chooses the punishment and finds herself over Sarah's knees being soundly spanked, first on her uniform then her panties and last of all on her bare bottom whilst bent over the trembling knees of poor Paul. Her spanking is hard enough to mark her tender bottom and leave her in no doubt that she has been well and truly thrashed from Spanking Sarah.

Wrong Pyjamas

Previously, Mr Osborne reminded Kami harshly with his hand on her bare bottom about wearing the wrong pyjamas from a snap inspection by Matron. It seems like this madam doesn't learn her lesson as within half an hour of her punishment, she is called back for continuing to disrupt the Dorm and her flagrant disregard of bedwear protocol! This time she is given the slipper and the hairbrush across her already glowing cheeks... but worse is to come as she fails to respect her cornertime and is made to wear the Pyjamas of Shame. These punishment PJs have dropseat pants allowing anyone easy access to Kami's bare bottom, she is asked to strip naked in front of Mr Osborne who then tests out the "drop seats" giving her another severe thrashing that leaves her close to tears! She is sent packing back to the Dorms where all the girls will snigger at her for wearing those horrid punishment pyjamas to add to Kami's growing humiliation! This is a movie you can not afford to miss, Kami meowing like a cat in pain and that wigglesome bottom... it is all highly addictive viewing from Triple A Spanking!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The secretary gets spanked

When your sales team leader does not reach her targets and when she loses you a good and long time customer what can you do? Well you could sack her or as in this case you could put her over your knee and hope that a really hard spanking might bring about improvements in her work ethic. When Suzie lowers her trousers she has on nice looking stockings, and small panties covering a very delectable bottom but the boss does not let these things detract from the job in hand. He blisters Suzie's bottom with as hard a hand spanking as we have seen from English Spankers.