Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Naughty, Sorry, and Spanked

Little Sarah has just been an all around bad girl. She has been playing with her food at the table, wondered off at the playground, and been a real brat. Mommy has told her to go to her room and wait for a spanking. Sarah is pouty and upset. Mommy spanks Sarah until she is a very sorry and sobbing little girl. Mommy knows Sarah won't be sorry until she sees real tears from Momma Spankings!

Spanking Nurse

Nurse April is not quite what you would expect from the national health service, she offers treatments above and beyond the call of duty. These include providing strong drink and showing off her boobs to her patients and then spanking them with her leather paddle, can this be right? Kevin obviously thinks so as he seems to enjoy the rather painful treatment. When she is caught her punishment follows and is more painful and humiliating for her from Spanking Sarah.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Watching Porn At Work

Amelia Jane Rutherford has been caught out by her employer watching porn at work on her computer. Not only that she has been paying for it with h er company credit card. A home visit is called for and it is decided that as Amelia is into watching porn, spanking porn, she should be punished in a similar fashion. A leather paddle is produced and Amelia starts to experience a real hard thrashing on the bare bottom from English Spanking.

A Love Rekindled

It has been several months since Joelle sent Bianca packing during a snow storm. She has regretted that ever since. She felt that her book and life were now incomplete. Against the advice of Audrey, her editor, Joelle departed New York for the secluded house in the woods. Upon encountering the lovely red head in town one night, they resumed their passionate and combustible relationship. After spending the night together, Bianca asked if Joelle would spank her. She hoped that this would absolve her of the guilt she has carried since that snowy day several months ago and this would show that Joelle still loved her from Punished Brats.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Let Me Try Again

Frank came to see me as he wanted to see if he still had what it takes to submit to a good paddling and caning. Hmm, just my kind of guy, someone who really wants it and also needs to have it. I started him off with my new extra size paddle, this is made from thick leather and really does pack a punch. He took this quite well I thought and then he wanted me to cane him. I was not too sure if he could take this but he asked me so nicely and also told me not to hold back with my swings. He got everything he wanted and more besides I can tell you from Sarah Spanks Men.

Angry Uncle John

Stevie is staying with her "cool" uncle John. She thinks he is so cool that he won't notice that she borrowed his really expensive muscle car for a photo shoot. When the photos pop up online he is very unhappy to say the least. He is so angry, anything could have happened to her or the expensive car. His naughty niece will get the spanking and strapping of her life from Sarah Gregory Spanking.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Ruby Joins First Spanking

One of Ivey's friends the lovely 26 year old Ruby joined RLS. Ruby is originally from Australia but she lives in Britain now. She is intrigued by spanking and she needs discipline in her life. She is the first Aussie I have ever spanked and I must say her bottom was a little more south then usual from Real Life Spankings!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Explain Yourself, Dorothy

Dawn is breaking as Dorothy rolls home from a party she was supposed to be back from by midnight! A good deal of anger is awaiting her and, after excuses have been listened to and dismissed, Dorothys bottom finds itself on the receiving end of a sound OTK spanking followed by a good slippering. Dorothy is grounded for, like, a century from Northern Spanking!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Lola Are You My True Niece

This is Lola Marie’s second chance to convince the London Tanner that she really is his long lost niece and is the one who should inherit hid fortune, or the fortune she thinks he has as he is just using this as a scam to get young ladies bent over his knee so that he may spank a few bottoms. He now has to persuade Lola that she would love to feel his slipper on her bare bottom, she is not too convinced about this but with the thought of all that money in her mind she lets him remove her knickers and give her a pretty hard slippering from Red Stripe Films.

The Pillow Fight

In the halfway house inmates Amelia and Aleesha were supposed to be asleep but they got into an argument over a hairbrush and a pillow fight ensued. Officer Page heard the racket and with her leather paddle and hard hand, she made sure those two noisy little madams went to sleep with very sore bottoms from Bars and Stripes

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Flight To Tenerife

In part two Mr. Johnson puts the naughty stewardesses Scarlett and Sidney in an unusual position so he can strap their bare bottoms together. As an extra punishment and humiliation the strapping is filmed and part of it is broadcast via the inflight video system on the return flight from Tenerife so all the passengers can see that the girls have been suitably punished from Spanked In Uniform!

Princess of pertness Kylee Anders strips nude to be spanked over the fireplace

College Au Pair beauty Kylee Anders strips nude to be spanked for putting old fruit in the refrigerator, and what a hot bod is revealed! Jonny Stockton has the tough job of reddening her gym-toned ass with his hand and a leather paddle, and has the idea of making her stand on top of the fireplace to give him a better shot at her ass from Firm Hand Spanking!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Unfortunate Occurance

With the home owner gone, Cadence and several of her friends attended a party at the Beardsley Estate. When the party became too wild, the police were summoned and Cadence was arrested. Not very happy at being required to pick up her daughter at two in the morning at the police station, Cadence's mother decided that a hard dose of the strap was in order from Punished Brats.