Saturday, May 31, 2014

Lily and Angelica spank each other

Lily Banks is at her new school where she discovers Angelica got failing grades. Angelica says that she will do ANYTHING so that Lily will keep this a secret. Lily agrees to keep quiet and the price is she gets to spank Angelica's plump round bottom. But when Lily hedges about keeping quiet after this, Angelica spanks the smaller Lily until she vow from Spanking Sorority Girls!


Stable girl Alex makes the terrible mistake of borrowing Miss Zoe's horse without asking. As if asking would have made a difference! Miss Zoe is the stable owners daughter and will stand for no infringement of her privilege. And so poor Alex must be soundly horsewhipped! From Northern Spanking!

Friday, May 30, 2014

The Mouse

Christa thought it was a great idea to bring her pet mouse Anna to school. Her teacher saw it and sent her straight to the Headmaster who explained the schoolrules to her again. No pets allowed! He then took her across His knee and gave her a good spanking and told her to take the mouse home and return immediately!. No mouse was harmed in the making of this video from Spanked In Uniform!

Cutting class earns Stephanie Murray’s gym-toned buttocks

Hot brunette senior Stephanie Murray bends over principal Dani Daniels’ desk to have her bouncing teen buns paddled for cutting class. Stephanie chooses swats over suspension but cussing means she’s told to lift her skirt to feel the burn on thin panties! From Firm Hand Spanking!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Maid And A Double Caning

Aunty Katie and Sarah are rather enjoying celebrating Katie's birthday, a few glasses of wine and a nice bottom to punish, what more could you want? They have now decided that the last present that Katie will receive should be put to good use. Two new canes. Poor maid Vickie has to bend over again and despite having a very sore bottom the two celebrants cane her hard from English Spanking.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Office Caning

This office scenario will appeal to fans of traditional cold caning. Pandora Blake makes a mistake on a report, and strict boss Paul Kennedy needs to teach her a lesson. He makes her strip from the waist down and bend over to touch her toes, displaying her naked bottom and black stockings as he flexes the cane from >Dreams of Spanking!

Texting in class costs senior Adrienne Black a bottom-reddening paddling

A tall, elegant blonde reports to The Principal’s Office for texting and using profanity in class. Adrienne Black is about to have her bottom paddled in tight blue jeans! Bent over the principal’s desk, she grits her teeth as she waits nervously for 12 swats. Sore ass! From Firm Hand Spanking!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Disobedient Daughter

Daddy is not happy when his daughter Stevie arrives home on the back of a motorcycle. He is waiting on the couch looking out the window when she pulls up and he knows that she shouldn't be riding on the back of such dangerous contraptions. Daddy gives Stevie a chance to tell the truth as she doesn't know that he has installed a new video security system. Of course Stevie lies and daddy is very disappointed. He gives her a hard over the knee spanking bringing her close to tears from Sarah Gregory Spanking.

Curtains Closed, Bottoms Bared!

John never liked having his girls round his place during schooltime, his apartment was too small and he was always busy. He didn't need school hassling him with a long list of their continual poor behaviour and rule infractions so when they brazenly walked past him, giggling & texting whilst already being late for school, he felt he had no further option. John stopped the girls and closed the curtains, creating real privacy to spank some sense into this terrible twosome! They protested but it was far too late for crocodile tears as each girl was spanked in front of the other, first with their panties showing, then a harder more intense spanking on both their bare bottoms. In a final act of planned enbarrassment for the girls, John placed them in front of the open window, bottoms showing for all the world to see just what naughty young madams they had been! This is the last ever film featuring Leia Ann Woods & Irelynn Logeen together from Triple A Spanking!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Dress Code Violation

When Dr. Valentine offered Joelle the opportunity to stay on at the school provided she accept his personal corrections, he knew that she would accept. Joelle is a brilliant young woman but also possesses a bit of a wild streak. When Joelle arrived in class wearing a dress that was far to revealing, Doctor Valentine summoned the probationary teacher to his residence. He knew that his admonishments would fail to convince her of the error of her ways. However, he was certain that the thick school strap may prove a bit more convincing. He had Joelle remove her panties and bend over the library stairs for her punishment. Joelle remained defiant until the strap found it's mark when her complaints and defiance were turned to promises of better behavior from Punished Brats.

Lateness and sarcasm get Belinda Lawson

Belinda Lawson’s perfect athletic bottom, two jutting globes of pale smoothness, stretch as she holds her ankles for a 12-stroke bare bottom caning in CP Research Project. Earl Grey adds six more for being late, and an extra for sarcasm. See the tramlines from Firm Hand Spanking!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Dutch Girl Scout

Beautiful Leandra was an exchange student over from Holland and she was in England to learn how girls at her new school behaved. Many of the pupils were members of the school's Girl Guide organization and Leandra had been enrolled in that as well to experience what her fellow guiders did out of school hours. Unfortunately, Leandra had been so badly behaved in this uniform that it had been brought to the attention of Mr Osborne who then showed her what happened to naughty girls that disgraced the uniform they represented, in or out of school. Leandra was an arrogant young madam that soon learnt that manners and humility would go a long way in avoiding such embarrassing bare bottomed correction. Fortunately for us we get to see her punished and shamed with a good solid red bottom spanking that soon put her in her place from Triple A Spanking!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Letter An Introduction

Mary Peace has deep and dark desires, she needs to have these desires and feelings realised and she needs to suffer the pain and indignity she feels inside her mind. She writes a detailed letter and is now at the start of an adventure that will lead to humiliation, pain and realisation. Will she see through what she has started, the introduction is swift and very painful, what will follow? From Red Stripe Films.