Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Dirty Pictures

In part two of The Dirty Pictures it's Fae Corbin's turn to be taken over the Headmaster's knee and she gets a sound spanking. As she is the instigator, she has to report the next morning before assembly on the assembly hall stage and in front of the whole school, she gets her bare bottom soundly birched and she gets 12 of the best with the cane from Spanked In Uniform!

But I Don't Wanna Go To Bed Daddy

It's bedtime and Sarah has to be told by daddy 3 times that she needs to go to sleep. After the third time of disobeying her, he has had enough. He spanks her baby girl over her romper and then wedgies her to spank her bare bottom. This is a super cute age-play video with Sarah and her Daddy! From Sarah Gregory Spanking.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Teenager Krystal Spanked

Teenager Krystal has been out for the evening and has neglected to inform her Aunt that she would be late. When she returns home she confesses to having been with boys in the local park instead of with her girlfriend. Aunty decides that Krystal needs to be taught a short sharp lesson and so she puts the girl over her knee and proceeds to give her a real bottom stinging spanking that leaves her tender bottom red and painful from Red Stripe Films.


Rich takes the edgy young man over his knee and really gives it to him, first with a bath brush, then with a nasty cane. He teases the young man, enjoying how he flinches and jerks when he pretends to deliver another blow, then watching the shock and pain when he actually does, keeping the young man in agonizing suspense. Rich punishes poor Tom with an endless barrage of whacks, the young man puts on a sexy show as he struggles and writhes, gasps, pants and yelps as he tries desperately to cope with the pain from Reluctant Young Men.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Paddled And Strapped

IN this the latest episode from our drama The Prisoner Sarah breaks into the safe house where Leia Ann Woods is asleep in her bed. After waking Leia Ann Sarah slaps her around the body and face, terrifying her before making her strip naked for a ferocious beating with various straps and then a heavy wooden paddle. In this film we see Sarah at her most wicked and dangerous and Leia Ann at her most submissive. Great acting from both girls in Spanking Sarah.

Hot flight attendant Adrienne Black spanked

Gorgeous flight attendant Adrienne Black hates dogs! The tall blonde is in trouble when a wealthy client tries to sue the company for losing her Chihuahua dogs at the airport. A spanking and 23-stroke strapping is the bottom-roasting penalty in High Fliers. From Firm Hand Spanking!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Joelle - Role Reversal

Joelle mishandled company money and it's Pi that steps in to correct the situation. Of course Pi isn't about to let Joelle go unpunished after she's been on the receiving end so many times. Pi takes a small leather paddle to her cousin's bottom to make sure she's learned her lesson from Punished Brats.

Bedtime Spankings

Sophie & her friend, Jasmine, are both given an OTK spanking in front of each other before they are due to go to bed early without their supper! Beautiful Jasmine gets spanked first as she wriggles, writhes and shouts out in pain as her tight, firm bottom turns red before your eyes! Then it's Sophie's turn with her full rounded very spankable cheeks getting a deserved smacking you will see them turn an angry red very quickly! 2 sore bottoms for bedtime from Triple A Spanking!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Darcy Grey Spanked In Uniform

Young Darcy Grey is home from school but bad news is waiting. Her teacher phoned to say she has been doing some very unladylike things with a senior boy in the playing fields. She does of course deny this at first but under questioning she has to admit the truth. Punishment is swift and very painful. Over the knee, school skirt raised and a good hard spanking on her bottom. First over her school knickers then on her bare bottom from English Spanking.

Stunning Ashley Thomas bares her bottom

Welcome senior Ashley Thomas as she visits Life Coach Patrick Bateman to help with athletics and studies. But her friend Tiffany forgot to mention spanking is used! See this stunner gasp and wriggle as her bottom is given 490 smacks in her debut spanking! From Firm Hand Spanking!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

New Pledge Edanya's Double Spanking

Edanya uses a whoopie cushion on Cheyenne and then a hand buzzer on Riley. That is one too many practical jokes and it gets her a sound spanking over Riley's knee with hand and leather strap. Cheyenne must hold down Edanya for part of the spanking. Then Riley has Cheyenne take a turn and spank Edanya as well from Spanking Sorority Girls!

Alex's POV

Reflected in the mirror, Alex can see Tom's hand rising and falling; her bottom bouncing under the smacks. The glimpse strengthens her determination to obediently submit from >Dreams of Spanking!