Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lesson Mom

Jill was grounded for 2 weeks because she was caught given her b/f a blow job by her mom, well Jill wanted to blow off some steam and went for a run! When she got back home her mom confronted her and was pissed. She wanted to teach her a lesson so she starts off by bending her over her knee and spanked her bare handed! She then took her panties down and really spanked her bottom from Bad Tushy!

Bikini spanking and the ping-pong paddle for party-girl Katherine St James

While boss Eric Strickman is away in Calgary, cute flight attendant Katherine St James gets to house-sit…and plans a pool party! She doesn’t notice Mr Strickman returning and ends up bent over a table in her bikini for a spanking and a bare 40 swats with a ping-pong paddle from Firm Hand Spanking.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Allaura Shane totally nude for the riding crop, as there’s no gas in the car!

Pulled out of the shower stark naked by Brian Archer, Allaura Shane suffers a riding crop whipping, legs over her head. Ouchie! She didn’t put gas in his car, so her bottom pays the price. “That was my first nude scene,” said Allaura, “which felt a little weird in front of the crew from Firm Hand Spanking!”

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fucked and paddled next

Dani Loveday is cheating on her best friend, she persuades her husband to try out his new spanking toys on her bottom in return for sex. Being only human he can’t resist and soon has Dani over his knee where he gives her a long and hard paddling. True to her word Dani then takes his cock in her mouth for an amazing blow job before spreading her legs and telling him to fuck her just as he likes, he does and he does the lot, he cums just as his wife walks in to spoil the fun from Red Stripe Films.

The Birching Rod

Kami was in detention for stealing from the local shop. Mr Osborne had promised the owner that she would learn her lesson & pay back what she had stolen. However, Kami had been secretly texting at her desk instead of writing her lines when her phone rang giving her away much to the disgust of stern old Osborne. He read her damning texts about what she thought of it all. No matter, Mr Osborne had the perfect deterrant in the form of his trusty birching rod, a tightly bound collection of long treated hazel twigs tightly bound & far more painful & stinging than the cane and he intended to use this across her thieving hands & her bared bottom to ensure she wouldn't forget this detention in a hurry! There was no warm up or preparation, this was done quickly & severely without warning. Whilst Kami's hands were still burning, she was ordered to turn around, lower her knickers & bend over the desk for a cold birching which you will see she hated as the collection of twigs bit into her soft white rounded cheeks! As Mr Osborne noted: "It was a cruel & unusual punishment" - It sure was from Triple A Spanking!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Babysitting Blues

Veronica arrives home earlier than expected and finds evidence that the babysitter, Pixie, must have invited her boyfriend over. She finds a rather large shoe abandoned in the living room that could not belong to Pixie or the children, and paddles the girl for having boys over on the job from Punished Brats.

Fucked and paddled

Katie has been caught speeding once again and police woman Sarah decides to deal with this in her own inimitable way. She offers Katie the choice, lose her licence or take a good spanking. Katie decides that the spanking may be a better course but soon regrets this. Sarah has a very hard hand and soon brings this into play on Katie’s bare bottom. Not satisfied with this she gets a nasty crop from her bag and sets about the all ready red bottom from Red Stripe Films!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Exclusive Education

A naughty class full of schoolgirls knows what happens when they act up. They are taken over the knee of the teacher and principal and given old fashioned spankings. First the girls get very warm bottoms while they are spanked over their plaid skirts, then- to their embarrassment- the skirts are raised but the girls are too busy wailing and moaning to protest. By the time panties come down and sore bottoms exposed, some girls are sobbing from how much a hard thrashing hurts and how humiliating it is to have you wiggling and jiggling bare bottom spanked panties down- in front of the whole class from Girl Spanks Girl or the 4 site Clare Fonda Pass.

College girls spanking debut

A Firm Hand exclusive! Pert, bratty, real-life twins Marissa and Clarissa Berkeley are college freshman in Twins Trouble. They get a sorority house spanking from Dean of Discipline Earl Grey, bent over the same table with non-stop twin chatter. Marissa’s bouncing bottom is first from Firm Hand Spanking!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Nurse Clover spanked and paddled

Nurse Clover is getting on much too well with her supposedly sick patient. She brings him wine and sex instead of care and attention. They are just getting down to a session as Sarah, the wife returns and catches them mid grope. This is not good for Mr. S and it certainly won’t be good for Clover. After some protestations of innocence Clover is placed over Sarah’s knee and a good spanking handed out. Not happy that the punishment fits the crime Sarah gives Clover’s lovely bottom a good paddling. What a nasty wife to treat a poor girl in this way, and the husband? Well no more wine and certainly no more sex from Spanking Sarah.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The spanking week gallery

As you know the girls have to regularly report to me and Sammie didn't do so for a whole week! She didn't respond to my emails, phone calls, text messages, MSN messages etc. When I went to visit her, her house was a total disaster. She hadn't cleaned it for a week. As she kept me waiting for a whole week. and not cleaning for a week, I decided to give her a spanking week. She came for the first time on Tuesday so there were 4 sessions till Friday Every day she had to report at 14:00 sharp. The first day I gave her a sound hand spanking followed by cornertime. On day 2 I gave her a sound strapping laying on and over our table followed by more cornertime. On day 3 I made her change into a French maids uniform and she had to clean the entire office. She got 3 leather paddlings that day On day 4 I gave her a sound hairbrush spanking followed a a few strokes of the cane and the last cornertime from Real Life Spankings.

Samantha Woodley’s discipline journey takes her to a bare caning

Gorgeous Samantha Woodley’s finale in Learning Curve introduces her to a bottom-striping caning from Eric Strickman. This is education with a difference as her school uniform comes off and she lies bare bottomed on her bed for an extended does of the cane in various positions. Yikes!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Miss Chris spanks Kade

Officer Chris knows Kade is the kind of young man who can benefit from some good old-fashioned corporal punishment. She is a tall and strong officer of the law and obviously his mother never did give him a good over the knee spanking otherwise he would not be selling drugs! He now knows how it feels to be busted and as Officer Chris turns his bad little bare bottom to meat with her hand and hairbrush, he moans, whines and submits and promises, like a good little boy, to turn his life around. It took a strong woman to take the bad boy over her knee and set him on the right path from Clare Spanks Men.