Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Miranda Rights

PC Davis caught a young girl Monique drinking beer in public and arrested her. Back at the station she gave Monique the option either go to court and get fined, or get a spanking right there and then. Monique choose the latter and Ellen spanked her soundly. When the Chief found out and Ellen may and Monique were in his office, it became apparent that PC Davis forgot the Miranda Rights while arresting the girl so she was bent over the desk and while she recited the Miranda Rights, her bottom got soundly spanked with a long wooden stinging ruler. Monique was also told that her spanking was justified and never to drink in public again or else.... South-West Police Station

Cindy Learns a Lesson in Budgeting

Cindy learns from Mr. Daniels how important it is to budget your money on Real Spankings

Monday, November 29, 2010

Dorm Inspection

Pixie failed Ms. Chadwick's surprise dorm inspection and now she's having to pay the painful price for her violations on Punished Brats

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mary Jane Man Spanked

Mary Jane has a red bottom from earlier work but still has to submit to Clare's friend and client- Double Dan the spanking man. MJ is dressed slutty and tries not to get spanked. Starring: Mary Jane.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Spanked Nude Twinks

For Mind-Blowing Scenes Of Sweet, Kinky Corporal Punishment Administered To Shy Virgin Boys, Followed By Ass-Splitting Hardcore Fucking! Well, youve come in search of really hot gay red ass spanking pictures. Spank my red ass and friends red ass. Now you can get what you want and deserve. Lustful lads you gonna see here are so hot and dirty. Both of them love spanking each other well. Handsome twink wants to get his red ass cheeks flogged once again. So, he lies right onto his fellows kneels with his red ass turned up in the air. Be my horny lover and punish my red red ass.Visit SpankingTwinks

Stepmom Spanking

You hid in the shower in your stepmom's hotel room and watched while she changed. You unconsciously started to touch your dick and she hears you. Now she wants you over her knee for some old-fashioned discipline. You didn't know what a dominant woman your new stepmom was but your grown up ass is about to find out. Clare Fonda is your cute stepmother and she finds you to be very filthy. After she beats your bare bottom she is going to make you finish what you started. You must stand there with your bare ass and jerk off for stepmom! Masturbation instruction and a thrashing- what a day! JOIN to DOWNLOAD the VIDS

Punished lad: Ross

Army Collection Late back to barracks on British Discipline

Friday, November 26, 2010

Kayla Apple’s Private School punishment

“Couldn’t you spank me instead?” asks pretty Kayla Apple , “or swats?” She’s in trouble for stealing another student’s purse and the choice is a simple one. The resource officer at Private School would send her to court. But the principal offers ten swats with his wooden paddle. The catch is they’re given totally bare bottom, bent over his desk. “That was one heckuva paddling!” she said.

Angel Strapped Hamburger Place

As you know Angel is working on her condition after her illness and she has to visit the gym twice a week and eat healthy. This went well for a while untill she confessed that last week she visited a well known hamburger place twice! Time for another sore red bottom so I laid the little madam over my left knee and strapped her over her panties. Then i told her to take down her panties and lay over the hair. Then I strapped her bare bottom soundly and I made her sit on her sore bare bottom for a few hours while we had a drink Real Life Spankings

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Adrienne Black - College Discipline

Mocking Earl Grey by dressing in a provocative school uniform will only earn beautiful blonde Adrienne Black extra swats with a smarting leather tawse! “ I had to lie over a footstool,” explains Adrienne, “so at least my bottom wasn’t so stretched as bending over. But it still stung like hell!” See those panties come down her long legs as she submits to a well-deserved strapping! Delicious .

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ashley - Impulsive Behavior

Ashley was sure if she asked her dad if she could go to Atlantic City, he'd tell her no. So she went without asking and shut off her cell phone to keep him from calling. But when she finally gets home, she is in a heap of trouble on Punished Brats

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Home Early

Kate suffers the consequences of sneaking off school when the house is unexpectedly occupied, Paul has finished work early! Poor Kate first has her plump bottom smacked hard and then paddled on Northern Spanking

Twink's Ass Gets Spanked

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