Sunday, October 31, 2010

Snow Mercy the Spanking Tutor

Clare Spanks Men presents: Snow Mercy and Kade make an excellent team in that they both take CP seriously and are charming, not to mention he craves a good thrashing a strong woman like Snow can give.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Her views on spanking!

Michaela McGowen interviewed by Cindy Wallace:
Michaela talks candidly about being paddled and caned, as part of a day of punishments. “My butt was a bit sore and I don’t know why, but it really stung today.” Cindy Wallace probes her feelings about spanking Justine Adams in Abuse of Authority: “I got into it, being assertive!” She reveals she had a training session with director Samantha Woodley before warming Justine’s bottom…

This Stallions Ready For Spanking

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Friday, October 29, 2010

Julie punishment

I want to see all her bank statements so i can keep an eye on her spending. She brought them along and when I read them I found an amount which was pinned in some clothing store and Julie admitted that it was for a jacket which she claimed she needed. As she knows darn well that she must ask for permission on anything other then food, I bent her over our coffee table and strapped her bottom soundly. Then i put her on the punishment stool for an hour to learn the error of her ways Real Life Spankings

All Dressed Up

Caroline and Kali find themselves in Miss McLeans parlour. The fundraising coffee morning has not gone well and the vicar is upstairs removing his wet trousers. As Director of the village Womens Institute, Lucy McLean takes such transgressions among the junior girls VERY seriously! Not long out of school, these potential young ladies are about to learn a very painful and extremely humiliating lesson, courtesy of their own clothes brushes which they were instructed to go out and purchase, immediately after the incident. With an expertise born of experience, Miss McLean smacks their bottoms ever so hard with the shiny wooden brushes and, as they are so young, she feels that, as a finale, perhaps Caroline and Kali should be put across her knee for good smacked bottom. And all this for spilling a cup of coffee? Wait until Miss McLean realises the fairy cakes are cremating nicely in the oven!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Charlie Skye - Camera Angles

Charlie has been hired as a model to assist David in testing different camera angles. She didn't realize though that her job would include getting a very close up view of the carpet as she is spanked throughout the entire on camera test in Punished Brats.

British Discipline

200 exclusive video clips re-enacting British-style Male Corporal Punishment
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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Europe Airlines: The Hangover

Stewardess Foxxy Angel after a night on the town, boarded flight EA 542 to Athens with a hangover and she made quite a mess of her security speech and she was rude to a passenger. In the office later Mr. Johnson told her that she was to receive a sound hand spanking and, as she was hungover, she was to return the next day at 9:00 AM for another punishment. The little madam showed up 10 minutes late so she ended up getting a good birching plus a sound paddling for being late.

Sorority hell for Allaura Shane

That small paddle had holes in it and stung like hell,” complained Allaura Shane after shooting Sorority Sisters with Alison Miller. “I thought she’d go easy, but she didn’t…now I need payback!” It’s all a tryout for sorority hazing, as two college hotties prepare to pledge. 40 swats with a drilled paddle leave their distinctive marks on Allaura’s bottom, but she can’t turn off her motor-mouth...

Girlscout VS. Cheerleader

Hollie and Sophie dress as a cheerleader and girlscout for a Halloween party. Sophie explains how things at the apartment complex are often resolved with spankings. When Sophie keeps complaining, Hollie gives spankings a try by tossing Sophie over her knee for a long one. But when Sophie discovers Hollie can't pay her rent, it is revenge time on My Spanking Roommate

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sexual Shorts Abigail Whittaker

All she did was open the front door to a courier wearing workout shorts and top. But The Interventionist John Ryan is ultra-conservative and thinks she’s flaunting herself. A 12-stroke caning is the sentence, bent over the landing rail shorts stretched tight over her gym-toned bottom. “When I drop to my knees, that was real, the cane hit across the back of my thighs! Abigail said.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Nurse Nimue Caught Napping

Naughty nurse Nimue is caught napping, again, when she should be on duty. Dr Black is not impressed and decides a good smacked bottom is the perfect prescription.New find on Northern Spanking