Friday, October 31, 2014

Revenge is sweet

Steve has just had cause to paddle his secretary, she discovered his collection of paddles. Now she wants to turn the table on him and not only demands a pay rise but tells him she is going to paddle his bare bottom just like he did hers. Steve has to agree, well this is just what he was hoping for anyway from Sarah Spanks Men

Stephanie Murray grabs her ankles for a blistering finale paddling!

An eye-watering 12 swats of the paddle for Stephanie Murray in the finale of Private School. “Feet apart, spread your legs, bend over,” orders Alison Miller. See this stunner’s toned, panty-clad bottom bounce: punishment for cutting 12ins of a girl’s hair from Firm Hand Spanking!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Cheeky Monkey

John had always hated Halloween, to him it meant the coming of winter and the shorter days. Sarah loved this time of year, but then she loved any excuse to dress up and so she persuaded him to go to the party later that evening in animal "onesies". What that had to do with Halloween, he had no idea! John was clearly grumpy and was trying to stay upbeat but in the end he snapped and took her over his lap to start spanking her while they were both dressed up as a zebra and a monkey! He started to find this amusing, spanking his cheeky monkey... and he couldn't stay mad at Sarah for long as she pleaded and pouted seductively but he still decided to follow through with a good spanking as he had bared her bottom and he couldn't resist playing with her some more! This punishment spanking turned into something more intimate as he discovered looking at Sarah's obvious excitement from Triple A Spanking!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Isobel's Wet Spanking

Sarah and Isobel are sharing a room at FetishCon. Sarah is all ready to go to the meet and greet while Isobel is enjoying a bath. Sarah is not happy and doesn't want to be late. She storms into the bathroom, pulls Isobel out of the tub, drags her into the bedroom and pulls her over her lap. She gives Isobel a bare bottom spanking on her wet sensitive behind. Isobel marks up beautiful. Sarah Spreads this naught girl's legs to get to her sweet spots as well. Turns out Isobel is liking this and gets a bit wet down there from Sarah Gregory Spanking.

Jodi Biltmore paddled for theft, feeling the burn of the board on bare skin!

Theft is a serious offence, especially at Reform Academy. Principal Eric Strickman orders pert-bottomed Jodi Biltmore to bend over a chair to be paddled - hard! Six swats on her tight denim shorts, six on her quivering bare buttocks are a memorable lesson from Firm Hand Spanking!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Ashleigh The First Caning

Ashleigh has made a few films with us already, she is a top glamour model and not really into spanking. We really wanted to get her to take a caning and after a bit of a chat she agreed. Now she is very nervous as she bends over and takes the first few strokes with a nasty thin whippy cane. She then agrees to move onto a much heavier senior cane. Just take a look at this film, we think she did just great taking the full number of strokes from English Spanking.

Spanking in Spain

Pandora Blake spills all the gossip from the World Spain Party 2014 in this free spanking video diary, and shares a video clip of her al fresco sunset strapping scene with the London Tanner and his razor strop from Dreams of Spanking!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Sammie And Amy

Sammie contacted me again and she wanted to come over because she misses the discipline. At the same time Amy emailed me that she needs a spanking so I thought well those two are friends and they live close by each other so come together by train from Real Life Spankings!

Incompetence in the office costs Belinda Lawson a hard, bare butt strapping

She’s already had her peachy bottom spanked for not bringing a pen to a meeting. Now her inefficiency costs her close to 50 strokes with his belt from Perfect PA boss Richard Anderson, and that’s a lot worse. “Mr Grey was more forceful!” she admits afterwards from Firm Hand Spanking!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Bad Banker Caned

Fred Badwin the countries hate figure banker thought he had got away from me with just a spanking and a paddling but I had other ideas. He refused to give back the massive bonus he took from the bank and so I had the idea to give him another sort of bonus, a real good caning. I had not one but three of my favorite canes and after bending him over I gave him a whacking he will remember for a long time from Sarah Spanks Men

Devon: Spanked with the Belt

Mr. M comes home to find Devon in her room. She is bent over and given a lengthy and painful does of the belt from Real Spankings or the better valued 8 site Real Spankings Pass.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Clare Sneaks Into Chloe Love's Apartment

Clare sneaks into new girl Chloe Love's apartment while she is on the phone to Kay. Clare pretends to be someone who does maintenance on the building while fishing for a way to get back into the complex she has been banned from. After Clare spanks Chloe, she finds out from calling Kay that Clare isn't supposed to be there. So Chloe gives Clare a hard spanking with hand and hairbrush from My Spanking Roommate or the 4 site Clare Fonda Pass!

Charge It

Audrey is Michael's very hot trophy wife who usually gets her way by encouraging her husband to think with an organ other than his brain. After a meeting with his accountant in which he was apprised that his lovely spouse had gone way over budget on the refurbishing of the guest house, he finally decided to take Audrey in hand and spank her like the brat she was. He bent her over a stool, pulled down her panties. In this position, she noted that "with my panties down like this, there must be something else you'd rather do than spank me?" She was wrong, and let out a shriek as Michael's spanked her by hand and then belt from Punished Brats.