Saturday, October 31, 2009

Virginia red rumps style.

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bella gets a sound otk

One of the most important things in a beauty salon is obviously the agenda Bella forgot to add a customer in the agenda with the result that he and his wife were turned away because the salon was full. They were not amused and neither was I. I layed the young madam over My knee and gave her a sound leather paddling. I also slapped her legs so that the red marks were quite visible under her short skirt and anyone seeing her in the street would know what had
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Monday, October 26, 2009

Love bites

Not just that Justine came home very late the night before and completely drunken, she has a love bite on her neck and doesn't even know where it comes from. No surprise, that Arnold is not amused at all and to teach the poor girl - still with a bad hangover - a good lesson he orders her on all fours to spank her hard with a leather tawse. Although she might not have recognized all Arnold was saying during the spanking - but Justine surely felt the immense pain on her bared buttocks ...

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Old teacher flogs his twink pupil

Though this young have prepared the most part of the home task, his gay teacher doesnt feel satisfied. He just forces young twink to lower his jeans then spanks his ass so well. Nasty teacher uses a pingpong racket for bringing sinful lad much stronger pain. Finally horny twink is made to masturbate to orgasm.
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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Starring Mina Meow and Samantha Grace

Mina got embarrassingly drunk at the office party and decided to sit herself down, bare bottomed, on the photocopy machine and make a stunningly clear copy of her own ass. Uh, that didn't fly! Samantha was spanking fast and hard. Poor Mina's voice was all shaky as she tried to endure the punishment spanking. And, of course, Mina's bottom was as red as her panties! "I'm going to pull these panties down," Samanta explained as she began to do just that.

"Oh no! No, please!" Mina pleaded. Yes! I'm going to give you a REAL spanking," Samantha promised as she resumed. "That was good enough!" Mina said, her voice still shaky. "I don't need anymore!" "I don't believe you at all," Samantha calmly replied as she continued to apply her hand to Mina's very tiny, but very red bottom. Samantha even spanked the very top of Mina's thighs, which stung almost worst than upon her bottom.

In fact, Samantha worked her hand all over Mina's behind and thighs, creating quite a work of spanking art. "No! Stop! Stop!" Mina managed to shout out between stinging spanks. "Nope," Samantha said simply. "I'm not finished."
Mina closed her eyes and panted, trying to absorb the fact that this spanking wasn't going to be over anytime soon.
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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mature gay teacher spanking twinks ass so skillfully.

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Old man spanking naughty twinks

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Backhand Foreplay.

Veronica Ford & Elise di Medici.
It's hot, it's hard...and two girlfriends with a grudge give each other their best swats. And, that's just the tennis match. Are you ready?" Veronica challenged Elise from across the court. Okay, then. Here comes the Veronica Fireball Special!" she warned. "Better watch out, Elise. I'm not kidding." "Yeah, right. So serve it already, Miss Fireball," answered Elise. Veronica aced the serve, but Elise's return was too high and too hard. "Out!" Veronica taunted approaching the net. "What? You're crazy,"

Elise said, exasperated. "Your eyesight's worse than your tennis game," teased Veronica. "I'm taking you home to award the loser's prize," she continued, laughing at Elise's sore-loser face. No, no, no!" cried Elise, her bottom bared and clenched in anticipation of the spanking to come. "Don't you want your loser's prize?" Veronica asked, enjoying the moment a little too much for Elise's pride. "It's not me who deserves it!" insisted Elise. "You only won two games! You know the agreement." Veronica reminded Elise, unable to resist spanking her tennis pal's pert bottom any longer.

"Loser gets spanked!" she taunted.
"Oh! Hey! I was just warming up!" pouted Elise.
"Well, that's all I'm going to do. I'm just going to warm you up a little bit," giggled Veronica.
"Huh uh, you're giving me a spanking and it hurts!" Elise argued.
"Oh, just a little bit. Spankings are supposed to hurt a little bit," Veronica calmly countered.

"My, your little bottom is getting warm already," said Veronica, admiring the robust warmth emanating from Elise's rear. "I never would have agreed to the game rules if I had known what a heavy swing you have!" said Elise, her unfair friend now draped across her knee. "Are you implying that I took unfair advantage of you?"
The protestations were now coming from Veronica. "You're just a sore loser! Stop spanking me now! This isn't fair!" Veronica cried, her bottom already as hot as Elise's seemed moments earlier. "Until you kick and squirm and promise never to do that again!"

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Naked slave teen gets spanked like there’s no tomorrow.

Rude man in black mask is ready to spank miserable male slave’s ass right in an old building on these extremely hot porn pictures you’ve never seen before. Hothead fellow is fond of bringing sinful lads really strong and unforgettable pain by all the imaginable means, though he actually prefers to do it by ass-flogging. Well, as soon as skinny naked slave bends over, hothead master in black mask starts whipping guy’s butt, trying to cause him something much stronger than just pain.

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Once is Never Enough.

Sinn's plenty worked up over Charlotte, so now it's time for Charlotte's pleasure/pain. You'd think Sinn would have had enough of her sexual spanking, but nooo! She's found a cute little vibrator and so the session goes on no matter how red her bottom has become! Another lovely, loving spanking scene between Sinn and Charlotte.

Red Butt Twink Cums.

Nasty man spanks lad hard and fucks the shit out of his anal hole then.
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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sinful twinks get spanked properl.

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Friday, October 9, 2009

Spanke Shoppe: The Office Visit.

Our Spanke Shoppe series was proving to be quite popular, so we knew we could tap that for the introduction of a new (and decidedly nervous) spankee, Andrea Neal, who also proved to be very popular.
Frustrated and over-stressed executive, Andrea, hires Spanke Shoppe representative, Eve, to take the spanking Andrea wishes she could give to her secretary. But, it soon becomes clear to Eve that Andrea needs to receive just as badly as she needs to give. "You've been an utterly lazy, stupid, absolutely incompetent secretary," scolded Andrea, role-playing with her hired spankee. "Oh, no! Please don't spank me," said Eve, playing along, but just a touch worried about her pretty tush. Andrea enjoyed this opportunity to release a little aggression. The spanking session complete, Eve rubbed her sore bottom. But, she knew as a Spanke Shoppe professional she couldn't leave without giving Andrea what she felt was truly necessary.

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Slave guy gets spanked and sucks cock.

As soon as horny master, who is actually very experienced in spanking slave guys, leads his submissive slave to the nature, he feels a sudden fit of passion which forces him to make slave get undressed immediately. The desire of flogging fellow’s ass turns out to be too difficult to resist. That’s why horny master in black mask and blue jeans takes a belt and uses it for whipping buddy’s sweet butt.

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He really enjoys flogging naked slave’s ass and seeing that it causes him unbearable pain. Soon obedient slave gets his mouth filled and fucked with juicy cock and becomes even more excite of that. Somehow or other, naughty master isn’t satisfied with spanking guy’s butt yet. So, he simply goes on flogging slave outdoors.

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Severe gay spanking young twinks ass.

Without any hesitations horny teen forces three young twinks to get undressed and to get on all their fours right in front of him. Its high time for sinful fellow to spank obedient twinks so well. Theres no doubt, you will lose your mind while watching this cockloving gay flog three naughty twinks like a real pro.
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Monday, October 5, 2009

Hustler Spanking Hailey.

I was surprised to see at HUSTLER my favorite niche spanking Hailey is one of the first, which was punished in the open spaces of HUSTLER. This layout in HUSTLER is my first photo-shoot. Modeling seemed interesting to me, and I jumped at the opportunity. I tell you, it was so much fun to do this, she says. And I love all the attention. I can't wait to do my next layout!