Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Waiting Game

Cheyenne, Star and Poppy are all waiting in Sister's office. They are in trouble because one of them made Veronica cry. There is only one way to weed out the true culprit before Sister arrives, and that is with some serious, hard spanking that includes the use of a wooden mirror. Both sides. Can you guess who finally admits to being the bad girl? From Spanking Sorority Girls!

Sandy Well Paddled

I always thought that I was supposed to be running this web site but whenever things go wrong it's me that has to suffer. Mr. Stern was in a real bad mood this evening and I must admit I had been slacking a bit but did I really deserve this amount of punishment. The heaviest paddle thrashing me till I can't sit. A bit unfair I think from Red Stripe Films.

Monday, September 29, 2014

The Clone's Training

To be truly identical to the Crown Prince, his clone must be marked by a judicial caning. Bred for obedience, David Weston takes six severe strokes. Will he fulfil his destiny and take the Prince's place? From Dreams of Spanking!

40 strokes of Mr Anderson’s belt teaches Alison Miller a painful lesson

After partying hard in her dorm, flame-haired Alison Miller is ordered to bend over a sofa for 40 strokes with Richard Anderson’s belt. Legs kicking, teeth gritted, Alison takes it across her bouncing cheeks like a champ in Seniors Gone Wild. Awesome out-takes from Firm Hand Spanking!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Devon and Jordyn Spanked by The Dean

Devon and Jordyn are both marched into the computer lab, where they were both surfing the net earlier that day. The Dean knows both girls were surfing on restricted sites. Both girls drop their panties and assume the position. Devon is bent over first, with Jordyn holding her hands. Devon is then strapped hard on the bare bottom. The ladies are told to switch position. Jordyn is bent over the two chairs with Devon holding her hands. She is also strapped hard on her bare bottom, leaving her very bruised and sore from Real Spankings Institute or the better valued 8 site Real Spankings Pass.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Kami's Dropseat Spanking

Another rare chance for fans of Kami Robertson to see a new movie! She was dressed in a stunning outfit of red and white dropseat pajamas. In this short sharp shock film, Kami decided that she didn't want to get up for school and made every excuse possible refusing to get out of bed in the morning. Her legal guardian didn't have the time or inclination to argue and talk this nonsense out of her and threatened the brat with a temperature taking and a spanking. Her shame and guilt were confirmed so he gave her a quick, hard and humiliating spanking on her bed, pulling down the dropseats to reveal her peachy bottom which fans of Miss Robertson will find most appealing from Triple A Spanking!

Interview Technique

Here we watch two aspiring models attempting to convince a renowned internet fetish content facilitator to use his connections to find them work. Jadie is in first and adopts the skimpy lingerie and flirtatious method. Well tried of course and in most situations, (including this one!), ultimately successful from Northern Spanking!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Caught in the Act

Mandie's mother couldn't have arrived home at a worse time. Mandie had secretly watched one of her father's (Scott) spanking DVDs. Just as she was in the midst of pleasuring herself, in walked her mom. Mom was not at all pleased and thought that if her daughter enjoys watching spanking, perhaps she needed to experience it in reality. Mandie's mom took a hairbrush to the seat of her daughter's jeans. After several swats, much to mandie's humiliation, she was required to stand and take down her pants. With less protection the hairbrush hurt much more. Suddenly, Mandie's mom grabbed her daughter's panties and started to lower them. Mandie tried to stop her but her hand was slapped away and now her punishment continued on her red, exposed bottom from Punished Brats.

Belinda Lawson, personal assistant made perfect with spankings

With such a juicy pair of soft, jiggly cheeks, Belinda Lawson suggests traditional spanking discipline from boss Richard Anderson in her new series Perfect PA. Over his knee, skirt up, panties down, her bottom swiftly reddens under his palm from Firm Hand Spanking!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

A Pair Of Au Pairs Spanked

When two Au pairs get together for an afternoon of boozing and girl talk they do not expect the return of Mrs Stern. She catches the two girl drinking and misbehaving and decides that they must be punished. She puts Amelia over her knees and gives her a damn good spanking on her tights and then on the bare, next Jess goes over the knee for some of the same. Not satisfied she puts both girls over together for an amazing two bottoms spanking. What an amazing site, two beautiful bottoms whacked at the same time from her strong armed boss from English Spanking.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Amber’s tears in her finale spanking show this hot blonde is truly sorry

Sassy, disrespectful college babe Amber Davies drinks alcohol and she’s not 21! Stacy Stockton spanks her bare bottom 186 times in Sorority Sisters. When that bubble butt is bared, tears start but Stacy carries on. Slow-mo special plus Amber behind-the-scenes from Firm Hand Spanking!

Sorority Slut Shaming

Mandie has shamed the sorority house with her promiscuous behavior. She is having sex with as many as 10 men per night. Head sister Sarah has sent Mandie to the punishment room to wait. When Sarah arrives she gives Mandie a very humiliating punishment. She chastises her for being a dirty little slut, and then forces her to strip. Next she gives her a hard otk bare bottom spanking followed by forced masturbation. Sarah stands over Mandie and forces her to get herself off before taking the Sorority paddle to her sore spanked behind from Sarah Gregory Spanking.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Brotherly Love

Ron Beastly suffers a humiliating bare bottom spanking at the hands of his older brother Seani Love. After some struggling and wrestling, Seani asserts his authority with some firm whacks with the slipper from Dreams of Spanking!