Saturday, November 30, 2013

Reckless Driving

Chelsea gets a letter from the homeowners association concerning Stevie's reckless driving (in her brand new sports car). Stevie's been racing through the neighborhood, even endangering children! Now, the homeowners association is charging additional fees to cover the cost of previously unnecessary law enforcement. Stevie's in a heap of trouble now. From Good Spanking!

Kiki In The House Of Sin

Young Indian girl Kiki is working in a house of sin but she has broken the house rules by working with one of the clients privately and keeping the money for herself. The madam decides that she has to be punished and that a good hard spanking will be the thing needed to put this young lady back in line. Over the knee with her leather shorts pulled up tight she gets her first taste of a good hard spanking. When the shorts are removed her bottom feels the full force of this very nasty spanking from Red Stripe Films.

The Interview

Joelle put very little effort into her first college interview. When Headmaster Valentine gets a call from the college admissions office about Joelle's attitude, he makes sure to give her the proper discipline to take such matters seriously from Punished Brats.

Friday, November 29, 2013

An Embarrassing Spanking

Amber was one of those girls that never really learnt her lesson. She had been warned by Zoe several times that if she wanted to avoid any further trips across her lap then the poor school reports would have to show a remarkable improvement! In fact, Amber's results were getting worse and her most recent feeble excuses for her latest test failures meant that Zoe had to rethink how to punish this lazy brat The film starts with Amber offering the report and being told she will be punished, she doesn't argue too much, as she knew she had this coming but thought she could handle the usual punishment that Zoe dished out... until this time! Amber didn't expect the final humiliating & embarrassing part of her punishment... the dreaded wheelbarrow positional spanking without her precious panties to protect her modesty! We get to see everything Zoe sees close up in this delightfully rude intimate spanking punishment. Amber pleads for this new humiliation to stop but not before we have all had a darned good look and seen her red bottom and private parts up nice and close! Perhaps in future, young Amber might just think twice before suffering another embarrassing spanking like this one from Triple A Spanking!

Belinda Lawson’s bare bottom soundly spanked with brushes for untidiness

Attention to detail is the obsession of Earl Grey in Executive Privilege. Any excuse for spanking pretty secretary Belinda Lawson’s bootylicious bare bottom is a bonus. Untidiness deserves 57 smacks with her own hairbrush and 27 with a wood bath-brush! From Firm Hand Spanking!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Ashley Rose dominates Kay

Ashley Rose has had enough of getting spanked by Madison and Kay. She is so much larger than Kay she towers over her. Rose picks up Kay and puts her right over her shoulder where she spanks her some before tossing Kay over her knee and spanking her hard with hand and hairbrush from My Spanking Roommate or the 4 site Clare Fonda Pass!

Bell Gets The Paddle On The Bare

Young Bell has been punished by the daily cleaner for her rudeness and untidy behaviour. When her guardian hears of this he decides further punishment is called for. She soon finds herself bent over his knee taking a hard spanking but more is to come. A leather paddle turns her bottom into a mass of pain and leaves one very sorry young teenager with a red bottom from English Spanking.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Biker Girl

Tom doesn't mind picking up Lola - and her bike - in his van after she came off the road at 3am, but then he finds out she'd been drinking. It's time to teach this tough biker girl a lesson she won't forget from >Dreams of Spanking!

Ping-pong paddle spanking marathon for Adrienne Black reddens her bottom!

“You’re not considering another spanking are you?” asks stunning Adrienne Black in Problem PA. Jonny Stockton’s schedule is wrecked by Adrienne’s mistakes. Now her bottom has to pay! Will nearly 115 swats on her panties and 78 bare bottom help? From Firm Hand Spanking!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Southport

At 18:00 that evening two other cadets were to take the evening shift guarding the pantry. When they showed up at exactly 18:00 cadets Betty and Samantha had allready left leaving the pantry unguarded. They informed their officer and cadets Betty and Samantha were soon summoned to his office and they both got their bottoms soundly strapped from Spanked In Uniform!

Locked Out

Adriana locked herself out of the apartment in the middle of the night and has no one else to call but Veronica to let her back in. While she's relieved to get inside, she has to pay a tough price for her carelessness from Punished Brats.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Victorian Call Girls

Yes they had hookers in Victorian times. And we are doing our best to expose you to what might have actually happened between two dollymops in Victorian times. With Veronica Ricci, the more experienced callgirl, spanking Christy Cutie, before getting spanked right back. Hand and wooden paddle from Spanked Callgirls or the 4 site Clare Fonda Pass!

Amelia Rutherford has to endure a long strapping in silence

Amelia Rutherford’s Military Training is a challenging ten-stroke strapping across her bare bottom. But she has to stay totally silent! Thomas Cameron enforces the rule so poor Amelia ends up starting over not once but twice: a total of 37 strokes from Firm Hand Spanking!