Thursday, October 31, 2013

Horrid Halloween

The girls are getting ready at John's place for their Halloween Party night out. He kindly allowed them space and comfort to get ready and catch up on girly gossip as the 3 girls hadn't seen each other for some time. However, they abuse his trust by bringing alcohol and dressed up very inappropriately. Maddy and Alex were dressed up as teenage Girl Guides and Christy had a very short Alice in Wonderland dress that left nothing to the imagination! John was called back to his serviced apartment when he was informed that there was a rowdy commotion going on. The girls were getting drunk and the TV was blaring out disturbing the neighbours. He was rather embarrassed and with the complete abuse of trust, it could mean only one outcome for the girls. They would get a horrid spanking punishment before being let out to their party and he wanted to make sure that their bottoms would be glowing bright red for all to see how wicked they had been. Some great facial reactions, sore red bottoms and bratty behaviour from the girls with some equally forceful heavy wooden paddling and hairbrush punishments to kick start the Halloween Holiday! Also notice 2 fantastic debuts for any British Spanking site with Christy Cutie and Maddy Marks from sunny California !

Naughty Babysitter

Aunt Chelsea recommended her niece, Christy, to babysit for a friend and neighbor. Friend Thelma came home to find her children outdoors at 10pm and Christy asleep on the couch. Aunt Chelsea apologizes and promises to have a little "talk" with Christy, immediately! From Good Spanking!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The new girl

The new girl this week is Kiki London, a lovely young Asian girl who is getting her very first spanking with us. She tells us how she feels about being spanked and her very nervous manner is not an act, she was not at all sure what was going to be her reaction once she was bent over the knee getting her panties removed and her bare bottom spanked. As a schoolgirl she is perfect and as she is spanked and then cropped you will find her punishment a real thrill to watch from English Spanking.

Leia-Ann Woods in conversation

Exclusive Firm Hand access brings you a candid conversation about all things spanking with top stars Amelia-Jane Rutherford and Leia-Ann Woods. They talk fantasies, roleplay, implements and the different dynamic of discipline: a fascinating insight from Firm Hand Spanking!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Emergency Funds

Pandora used the money in her emergency funds account set up by her ex-husband to buy a fancy dress. Her ex, David, comes over under the guise of a little romance but then spanks her for the careless spending from Punished Brats.

The Pantry Part

Food items were being stolen from the acdemy pantry so the commanding officer informed all the cadets during morning parade that guard duty at the pantry was to be introduced. The first two cadets to be posted there were cadets Samantha and Betty. When their officer went to check up on them, they were not at their post and he found them both in the bathroom. After a good scolding they were both bent over the staircase railing and they were soundly spanked. Then they had to finish their guard shift with their bottoms bare and knickers lowered to their knees from Spanked In Uniform!

Monday, October 28, 2013

The Fix

Riders Caroline and Amelia had the best of intentions when they fixed the horse race, but that won’t save them from Miss Blake's riding crop, and a harsh thrashing that brings them both to tears from >Dreams of Spanking!

New secretary Stacy Stockton

Lawyer Patrick Bateman demands high standards in Stacy Stockton’s all-new Secretary. She’s a college graduate but seems to have trouble with spelling. Over his knee, she learns that typing mistakes earn her 403 smacks on her bouncing bare bottom from Firm Hand Spanking!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Past Is Prologue

Joelle is a senior at an exclusive boarding school. She had a rough time when she first started attending but soon became a model student. But recently, her behavior has been slipping again, gaining the attention of Headmaster Valentine from Punished Brats.

Friday, October 25, 2013

The Nit Nurse

There had been complaints from some parents about the school's new Nit Nurse wearing highly provocative panties and inappropriate uniform when she was tasked with her duties of delousing their precious ones! It was a delicate matter, as Leandra was sent over from The Netherlands on a nursing exchange program to this quiet English High School establishment. She was brought to the attention of the only teacher that dared bring up the subject, the one they all relied on for some special "in house" discipline... the one person the other teachers called "Dodgy Dave". His methods were a little offbeat, some would say, perverse, but he got results... and Nurse Leandra soon learnt what she should be doing correctly with the aid of some old fashioned spanking methods when ol' Dodgy had heard that she got spanked at home in her relationship... this was the perfect ruse for him to carry out his own private Nit Nurse investigation. Enjoy this quirky but severe discipline film that involves the use of hand, leather strap and paddle with unwarranted use of a riding crop from Triple A Spanking!

Caning tests Valerie Bryant’s willpower to remain bent over

Trainee teachers have a hard time with Mr Anderson’s introduction to corporal punishment in Learning Curve. Pretty Valerie Bryant has to bend over for her first-ever caning. Five on her skirt, six on panties, six bare. Great Reaction Cam teeth-gritting from Firm Hand Spanking!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Danielle Hunt caned by Sarah

Danielle Hunt has been warned by Sarah. After pissing in her wine and being beaten with a heavy wooden paddle board Sarah is going to cane her. Danielle knows just how hard Sarah can cane and is in genuine fear as she bends over the kitchen table. Sarah takes her time with the strokes, making each one count as it slams home onto Danielle's bare bottom. A serious and thorough caning from Spanking Sarah.


When Johannie wants to, she can come off as sweet & delicate as a spring flower. When she wants to that is. The girl has one hell of a temper though - anger issues is how she puts it. The truth be told, it required damn near every ounce of our man's determination and no small portion of his physical strength to ensure that this spoiled brat was properly chastised from Bun Beating Fun.