Saturday, November 24, 2018

The whistle and crisp thwack of a springy cane across Belinda Lawson’s bare ass

Totally naked for the cane, Belinda Lawson is still rebelling against authority in the spectacular series Marks Out of Ten with Helen Stephens. Hauled up on tiptoe on Helen’s back, her curvy rear is swiftly striped with another six strokes. Awesome buttock-rippling slow motion and Reaction Cam replays - and even an extra stroke from Firm Hand Spanking!

Friday, November 23, 2018

Stevie Spanked at Home

Stevie knows the rule, a spanking at school means a spanking at home, she she tries to hide it from daddy that she was spanked, only her tearful eyes make it hard to hide. Daddy makes her show him her spanked bottom and she confesses she was indeed spanked at school for putting gum in a fellow students hair. He is true to his word and it is right over his knee poor sorry Stevie goes. She gets his hand, wooden hairbrush, and then the dreaded thick leather belt across her already sore swollen spanked bottom from Sarah Gregory Spanking.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Helen Stephens on the receiving end of a resounding spanking

Lying bare-bottomed over retired navy captain Philip Johnson’s knee, pretty cadet Helen Stephens swiftly learns that busting the navy’s budget by ordering unnecessary equipment is a serious offence in Marks Out of Ten. As her buttocks blush deep red and bounce furiously under his rapid hand, she vows not to mess up again from Firm Hand Spanking!