Friday, September 30, 2011

Bad Schoolboy Spanking

Kade was caught spying on the girls while they were getting changed in the locker room. He is dragged in and his sister is one of the girls in the classroom. Sexy sis Mary Jane is very angry with him and all the girls write nasty things about what a pervert he is on the board. The teacher Miss Fonda pulls his drawers down and as well as thrashing him makes sure all the girls get a good look at his cock! She even leaves him alone with the girls to have their way with him. Principal Miller finally comes in and makes the lusty girls sit down and gives Kade a wicked paddling. The poor baby had a hard time sitting down at the end of this film from Clare Spanks Men!

Alison Miller’s bottom burns!

Staying out all night gets Alison’s bubble butt a resounding spanking, laid over her bed. Uncle Eric is determined to put her back on track, and this won’t be her last licking! See those bouncing cheeks take an old-fashioned hand spanking in Keep it in the Family. Hot slow-mo replay from Firm Hand Spanking!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Exclusive Education

The girls has been soundly spanked by Snow Mercy and Lana and now it is time for the wooden hairbrushes on their bare bottoms. They are taken over the knee of their teacher and then passed on to their principal. Both give a sound hairbrush spanking while classmates watch knowing they will not be next. This is all because the naughty girls had a tickle fight in class and after each girl has been disciplined she faces the board with her sore bottom on display from Girl Spanks Girl or the 4 site Clare Fonda Pass.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Amelia Rutherford soundly spanked by Richard Anderson

A special treat as Amelia-Jane Rutherford starts a new series with screen husband Richard Anderson! They’re back from Marriage Guidance and Amelia doesn’t admit that some of their issues could be due to her behavior. Perhaps a sound, bare spanking with hand and slipper from Firm Hand Spanking

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Naughty girls playtime

Schoolmistress Sarah has caught Paris and Scarlet being intimate with each other and she decides to take immediate action. She is going to punish both girls in such a way that they will be humiliated and very sorry they ever indulged in each other?s bodies. She puts both the girls in turn over her knees and spanks them very hard on their school knickers and then on their bare bottoms from Spanking Sarah.

Monday, September 26, 2011

School bully spanked

We are starting a new series on Redstripe this week. Longer and more detailed stories, maybe up to five episodes per story, this gives us the chance to develop the story and to give more and different punishments and discipline sessions to our lovely spankees. Honee Wells is a bully, she knows it and everyone in the school knows it. She has now been sent to see the head teacher who is determined to cure her of her nasty ways. His methods would be considered old fashioned and not quite the thing in these liberal days; he is a firm believer in giving the bully a taste of her own medicine and then some. To start with he is going to try an over the knee spanking, not just a gentle spanking but a full on, bottom blistering to see if this might work. We shall see from Red Stripe Films.

Irresponsibility Katherine’s

Amazing Corporal Air discipline: 42 swats with a lexan paddle followed by an intense, cheek-clenching, flesh-reddening 31 with a wooden paddle! Katherine St James proves she can take her punishment after she’s left in charge of Mr Strickman’s daughter and allows her to drink from Firm Hand Spanking

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Things That Go Bump In The Night

Stephen is quietly reading when he gets a very sexy surprise visitor from Northern Spanking.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Mama Clare Takes Charge

Sarah thinks her mom is a pushover because she usually gets her way when daddy is on vacation. Well, mama Clare has had enough back talk, enough attitude, and enough of Sarah doing whatever Sarah wants to do. She takes disciplining her rude daughter into her own hands and gives this brat the long over due spanking she deserves Sarah Gregory Spanking.

Flawed Fashion

Lorraine is a reality TV star that is out of control. Her spoiled ways and obnoxious behavior in public makes perfect tabloid fodder and is embarrassing the family. David is determined to bring the girl under control by revoking her privileges and giving her a solid spanking from Punished Brats.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Alison’s drinking alcohol

The board of education has proved Alison Miller’s most dreaded implement! Alcohol on her breath and taking uncle Eric Strickman’s car means 6 swats on tight jeans before her totally bare bottom takes another eight cheek-quivering swats. Watch for action slo-mo replays from Firm Hand Spanking!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Drunk and topless

Foxxy and Brittany misbehaved badly again!
These two little madams went out to a pub and got quite drunk with the result that they ended up dancing on the tables topless! Time for another proper discipline session involving more then just a spanking you would agree.
ordered them to come over and I started with giving them both a sound OTK spanking after which I placed them against the wall next to the window so everyone passing the building can see their sore red bare bottoms. The second part of their punishment was a sound paddling with my heavy leather paddling. The third part was quite humiliating but if they wanted to show their body to strangers in a bar then they can show it to you members as well. In the diaper position they got a sound bare bottom birching! The last part I had them kneel on the table and they felt our dreaded and feared Stinger on their bare bottoms from Real Life Spankings.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Schoolgirl Clover punished at home

Schoolgirl Clover has been misbehaving at school and her teacher Miss Sarah brings her home for her Aunt to punish her. Aunty puts clover over her knee and spanks her on her white school knickers before lowering them for a bare bottom session with the strap. She is obviously not used to punishing a girl’s bare bottom, Miss Sarah is not too pleased with the effectiveness of the punishment from English Spanking.