Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Swimsuit spanking poolside, bare bottom: Dani Daniels’ cheeks turn crimson!

Using the pool at the officers’ club is dumb, as stunning navy cadet Dani Daniels finds out when she’s caught and her swimsuit is wedgied for a poolside spanking. Officers watch on the balcony but it doesn’t stop as Mr Anderson has a job to do in Naval Discipline. Her cheeks turn a bright crimson as they bounce and she learns from Firm Hand Spanking!

Executive Discipline

Warning: This is a severe discipline punishment film with some very effective scolding, spanking, hard leather strapping and severe caning! Hotel manager, Miss Anna, is summoned to visiting CEO Johnny Lake's room for a showdown that she will not forget in a hurry. He is so disappointed and upset at the way the hotel has been run that he is ready to fire her but he gives her a final warning. Of course, this is in tandem with a very harsh discipline session to enforce the severity of the situation. All the employees know how Mr. Lake operates and this becomes a very real tearful punishment for the hapless hotel executive. Anna was feeling ashamed that he was spanking her bare bottom, but with the heavy reformatory strap and some very hard strokes of the cane, her painful reminder was complete from Triple A Spanking!

Monday, August 29, 2016

Casino fraud costs Alison Miller a paddling and caning double

The round marks of a paddle and stripes of a cane on Alison Miller’s bare bubble butt show that casino owner Earl Grey is determined to find out who’s been stealing in Casino Dealer Discipline. 7 hard swats with the paddle and 6 with a cane will force her to reveal names - or will it? There could be more to come from Firm Hand Spanking!

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Naughty Nurse Caned

As nurses go Amy is pretty useless but when I am pushed I have to make special arrangements. In her case it involves a lot of pain and I mean real pain, inflicted by me on her bare bottom with one of my heaviest canes. Now canes are something I know a lot about and I certainly know how to deal with this young lady. I strip her off, bend her over and whack her bare bottom from English Spanking.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Delicious naval officer Melanie Taylor strapped by divine Dani Daniels

“I want you to show me the respect I’ve earned,” Dani Daniels tells Melanie Taylor as she straps her bare bottom in Naval Discipline. Spreading rumors about Dani getting promoted by sleeping with a senior officer costs Melanie an ass tanning to remember. Her stinging buttocks produce pained expressions on Reaction Cam from Firm Hand Spanking!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

So This Is Discipline, Huh?

Living with her big sister is soooo cool! Rococo gets to do WHATEVER she likes - there's no rent and there is a FREE CAR!! Alex has had enough of this little freeloader and informs her that unless she gets off her lazy butt and starts looking for a job, Alex will send her back to their parents. Oh, and what would Mom do if Rococo was such a lazy brat back home? That's right, she would find herself on the receiving end of a spanking. Well, why should things be any different here...? From Northern Spanking!

Caned Without Mercy

Adriana Evans loves corrupting the new girls in her squad, She wastes no time inviting new girl Stevie Rose to her room when the squad is away on an important Championship Tour. Both girls had been punished earlier and Adriana chose this as an excuse to bond and make out with gullible Stevie. Coach Johnny Lake knew that Adriana was up to no good and caught them both in a serious lesbian clinch. This time Adriana had gone too far. They had already been punished and he was so disappointed with them that he felt he had no choice but to give the girls the hardest caning they would ever receive! First. the girls are spanked in front of each other, then without the modesty of their panties. Each girl takes some real tear inducing strokes of Coach Lake's meanest cane that welts their bare bottoms and reduces them to tears. They hold each other for comfort as the tears flow and you will see some true severe discipline of girls in authentic cheer uniforms! This is an incredible punishment that has to be seen to be believed from Cheerleader Spankings

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A booty born to be spanked: Dani bends over a desk to have her bottom tanned

Navy disciplinarian Richard Anderson is back to spank Dani Daniels’ perfect bottom in a new series of Naval Discipline. He’s a retired navy officer who handles behavior issues by spanking cadets’ bottoms! Dani bends over his desk to present her delicious derriere to be spanked for missing navy swim team training. Hot slo-mo replay from Firm Hand Spanking!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Naughty Stepdaughter

Belle has been a very disrespectful and spiteful girl to her stepmom. Belle has never been spanked by her strict stepmom, but it's time. Strict Miss Svenson takes her naughty stepdaughter, Belle, over her lap for a hard hand spanking before giving her 6 very hard cane strokes that have her crying out in pain. I think Belle will be a lot more respectful after this punishment from Momma Spankings!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Alison Miller gets her comeuppance in her new series Casino Dealer Discipline

Crooked casino dealer Alison Miller gets her comeuppance with a bottom-jiggling bare spanking in her new series Casino Dealer Discipline. Earl Grey discovers discrepancies at her table, and he gets to the bottom of it - literally. Alison’s cheeks bounce as he bares them for a resounding spanking to get to the truth from Firm Hand Spanking!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Bedtime Spanking

Audrey and Dominic are a married couple. When his spouse gets out of hand, Dominic will spank her. Audrey finds that being disciplined keeps her from misbehaving in the way she did before meeting her firm husband. The two had attended a party in which Audrey had disrespected her husband. Upon their arrival home, Audrey was sent to the corner and instructed to bare her bottom. Once he had calmed, Dominic explained to his lovely bride why he was upset and why she was to be spanked. Audrey was then taken to the chest at the bottom of the bed, and taken over her husband's lap for a hard bare bottom spanking from Punished Brats.

Caned for Lying

Kajira knows better then to hide the house cane but she decides to do it anyways. When older sorority sister Sarah confronts Kajira, she lies saying she has no idea where the cane went. Sarah knows she is lying and knows where it is and quickly finds it under her bed. Liars get spanked AND caned. Kajira is quickly taken over Sarah's lap for a hand spanking before given a very hard caning. I don't think Kajira will ever be taking and hiding anything that doesn't belong to her again from Sarah Gregory Spanking.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Navy promotion for Dani Daniels and she gets to spank Melanie Taylor!

The tables are turned in Naval Discipline after stunning Dani Daniels is promoted and gets to put beautiful Melanie Taylor over her knee for a spanking. Her offense? Belching at a formal naval dinner. Seriously? Melanie’s bottom is humiliatingly bared and spanked red. There’s also behind-the-scenes footage with Dani and Melanie from Firm Hand Spanking!