Monday, November 30, 2015

How To Punish April

Kodders is a regular member of the Strand production team and now he wants to learn to spank ladies bottoms. We thought the best thing to do would be to get him alongside Sarah with a new model who was not used to being punished and then to train him. Well he did soon get into the swing of things. Once he watched Sarah rip open April’s pantyhose and start to paddle her bottom he was eager for a try himself. He did quite well and so he went onto a more complicated lesson, spanking a lady in the diaper position. Wow, April certainly took to that and so did our two spankers. Good hard paddling in this film and it’s quite rude to from English Spanking.

Insolence to teachers earns disruptive Sascha Bennett a strapping and paddling

Bent over a desk in front of principal Lawson, Sascha Bennett is still giving attitude as her bouncing, creamy bottom is spanked with a strap and ping pong paddle in School Detention. This is a girl who doesn’t obey rules and pays the penalty with a sore butt from Firm Hand Spanking!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Nick Finally Gets What's Coming

Nick stood us up two years ago. He did some work with us, then failed to show for a shoot, leaving us all waiting without a call or apology. He's now 20 years old, laid off and in desperate need of cash to pay his rent, so he called me looking for work. I turned him over to Chic who taught him a lesson in manners he'll never forget. Using his hand, belt, paddle and brush he broke the young man until he was kicking, sobbing, pleading and apologizing. Watch towards the end as he appeals to me off camera to make Chic stop. I ignored him as I enjoyed watching the young man corrected the old fashioned way rom Reluctant Young Men.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Literary Criticism

Bianca asked Joelle to read her short story and offer a critique. When Joelle’s response to Bianca’s work was less than positive, the fiery red haired girl called her lover a bitch. Joelle decided that Bianca needed a special lesson. She was made to prostrate herself on the floor, head down and bottom up. After Joelle removed the girl’s panties, she was completely exposed and vulnerable. Joelle proceeded to discipline Bianca with the crop and her hand from Punished Brats.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Feigning Illness

A few days ago there was an important cheerleader event and Sidney did not show up saying she was ill. As she didn't live far from where the event was held, Coach decided to visit her at home. He wasn't really surprised when there was obviously nothing wrong with her. Sidney was taken over Coach's knee and given a sound spanking right there on her own sofa from Spanked In Uniform!

The hottest, sexiest spanking ever shot at Firm Hand: Dani Daniels rules!

The hottest spanking scene we’ve ever shot! The talented, beautiful Dani Daniels strips from the waist down to straddle Mr Anderson for a sound spanking. Her buttocks bounce furiously, with priceless facial reactions. You see every second of the spanking & massage action from two angles, plus slo-mo replay in Legal Penalties from Firm Hand Spanking!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Liar Liar Panties on Fire

Mommy is very disappointed when she is folding her daughter's laundry and comes across a teeshirt with the words "Lone Star Spanking Party Houston" on it. When she confronts Sarah, she is told lies that Sarah knows nothing of this. When the truth finally comes out, not only has Sarah been attending, but she runs this party. Momma Dana is appalled at this. Sarah claims she is a "top" but Momma says, today she will be bottom and get a very hard spanking on her bare bottom with hand and hairbrush for attending this party and for telling a lie. Sarah cries in pain at this punishment and she is one sorry little girl rom Momma Spankings!

Showdown Session

Sarah Gregory had been sent to a domestic discipline therapist (played by Chelea Pfeiffer in her debut role at AAA) because Sarah had always got turned on by her boyfriend's spanking even when he was actually trying to scold & punish her for real. This obviously meant she wasn't always learning her lesson & becoming more of a brat! He left her in Chelsea's capable hands & poor Sarah faced a rather humiliating 20 minute session in which Chelsea used all the associated things Sarah had derived as pleasure then turned them against her. She even blindfolded her, stripping Sarah of her dignity... & practically slut shamed her in her first visit. Sarah quickly learnt that it was better to be a contrite young lady rather than a brat when she had misbehaved from Triple A Spanking!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

She Fell From Grace

Another episode of Unladylike Manor and this sees the arrival of April who is after a job as a PA to Lord Stern, He needs help in his charitable foundation and in his misguided mind the though t of offering this work to a convicted fraudster, for that’s what April is, ,is merely doing more good work. He does however believe that she needs to repent and he knows just how that can be brought about. It does of course mean that she goes over his knee for a spanking on her panty hose tights and then on her bare bottom. His horny old hand soon works its magic on this fallen girl from Spanking Sarah.

Dani Daniels breaks out the hairbrush to teach Alison Miller a lesson

There’s a stinging spanking in store for bubble-butt Alison Miller when Spanking Stepsister Dani Daniels breaks out the hairbrush for not doing the dishes. That brush stings like a bitch in thin leggings, but it doesn’t stop Alison’s sass so Dani switches it up with a large wooden spoon on her bare bottom from Firm Hand Spanking!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Sammie Punishment Afternoon

Most of you must have seen the Punishment Afternoon session we did a few years ago with Sammie and Stacey. That had such good results on both their behaviours that I decided itwas time for Sammie to get another Punishment Afternoon because laziness is getting out of hand with this girl. First I told her to put on a schoolgirl uniform and to go to one of our punishment rooms. I started off with giving her a sound hand spanking and then to sit on one of our Punishment stools and write out 100 times: I must not be lazy. The second punishment she got was a sound bare bottom strapping and more line writing on the stool. Thirdly I gave her a sound OTK thrashing with my new small but very stingy carperbeater followed by a lenghty time kneeling on our Punishment
Tray from Real Life Spankings!

To Paddle A Naughty Nurse

Bemby is the newest of our nurses at Dr Sterns hospital and she does not ever seem to get things right. She puts thermometers in the wrong places and spills the bedpans all over the floor. Not only that she is very cheeky. The time has come for her to be taught a lesson and The good doctor has just the right medicine in the form of her nasty leather paddle. Bemby protests but ends up over the knee with her bar bottom on display whilst she takes a thorough paddling from English Spanking.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Naughty Schoolgirl Amelia

Amelia has been called to Headmaster Osborne's office for defacing the bible. How dare she do this to such a sacred text? She is properly chastised before being taken over the knee for a hard spanking. She is then made to kneel on the bench for a traditional school caning from her very disappointed headmaster from Sarah Gregory Spanking.