Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Adrienne secretly records her spankings then tries to blackmail her boss

Adrienne Black secretly records her spankings in Problem PA and threatens to expose her boss when he refuses to give her a week off! Instead her bottom gets 60 swats with a paddle - and it’s all recorded! “I bet this goes viral on the internet,” she says from Firm Hand Spanking!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Boss Gigi Allens Spanks Worker

Gigi Allens offers her worker Josh Day a simple choice - get fired or take the efficiency training. Easy answer for Josh until he quickly discovers training means a trip over the tall beautiful boss's knee for a hard hand spanking, while she lectures him about working harder and faster from Clare Spanks Men.

Mrs Barton's Correction

In part two of this Victorian spanking series, the tables are turned on stepmother Molly Malone. Her stern husband Dr Richard Barton deals out an authoritative hand spanking to put her in her place from >Dreams of Spanking!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Susan Gets The Paddle

Bunty & Susan are telling their story of their interest in spanking and domination games and it's time now for Susan to get her spanking. The problem with this young lady is that she just loves to be spanked, the harder the better. After giving her a hard spanking it is decided to use the leather paddle to see if this has more effect on her rather lovely bottom. She gets her bottom right in the air and then she touches her toes and she really does take a real hard paddling from Red Stripe Films.

Hottie Tara Somerville spanked bare bottom in school uniform

It’s what dreams are made of! Stunning blonde Tara Somerville deliberately wears her private school uniform to work to upset Mr Reed. She’s put over his knee skirt up, panties down for a sound 127-smack spanking! See a revealing out-take too from Firm Hand Spanking!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Traditional Discipline in the Digital Age

After breaking into the government computers and her unpleasant experience with Agent Audrey, Penny now must face the wrath of her mentor, Dr. Valentine. This girl of the digital age was stunned to hear that she was to be subjected to several days of corporal punishment, a form of discipline that she believed went out in before the invention of the computer. It was Dr. Valentine's duty to provide her first punishment, done to ensure that future acts of digital mischief would be discouraged. Despite her protestations, she was taken over Dr. Valentine's lap for a spanking. Her punishment started over her leotards and proceeded to her bare bottom. Penny pleaded for her punishment to stop feeling both pain and the humiliation of being spanked by one she reveres from Punished Brats.

Inmates Cheyenne And Julie

Meet new inmates Cheyenne And Julie. Cheyenne has a number of speeding tickets she didn't pay and Julie a number of bills she didn't pay. They were both senteced to two months. After the interview, in which their underwear was removed, Warden Johnson took them to their cell and as per tradition, He gave them both a sound welcome spanking. In part one Julie goes over the Warden's knee and she gets her first spanking from Spanked In Uniform!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

A School Girl is Properly Paddled

Young Kajira is sent to the punishment room with the very paddle that will be applied to her bottom. She is made to wait for several minutes, considering her fate, as she holds the paddle. The assistant Dean then comes in and gives her 12 hard swats with the paddle, half over her panties and half on the bare. She is then required to fully undress and display her bruised bottom and naked body to all that pass through the detention room from Real Spankings Institute or the better valued 8 site Real Spankings Pass.

She Pissed Her Pants

Young Kiki is due a good slippering and is very nervous, so much so that she pisses her pants while she waits. She has to clean up the puddle on the floor and then has to bend over and take a slippering on her wet knickers. The knickers are removed and then her bare bottom feels the full force of a good hard dose of the slipper. A real good sexy spanky, pissy film from Spanking Sarah.

Friday, April 25, 2014


Stable girl Alex makes the terrible mistake of borrowing Miss Zoes horse without asking. As if asking would have made a difference! Miss Zoe is the stable owners daughter and will stand for no infringement of her privilege. And so poor Alex must be soundly horsewhipped from Northern Spanking!

Failing to follow instructions

Camilla Scott and Abi Simmons are caught breaking into Earl Grey’s home and accept a punishment deal to avoid the law. Camilla takes 55 swats with the leather paddle, bent over next to her friend, tight buns presented for spanking in Busted Burglars from Firm Hand Spanking!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Assessment

Today is Mandie's first day at Discipline Camp to pay for her third misdemeanor offence under the newly formed government. Mandie's first ordeal is to suffer an humiliating assessment at the hands of Nurse Audrey. She is made to strip off her clothes and is roughly evaluated. Then she is made to bend over and have her temperature taken rectally. Once the thermometer was removed the brat in Mandie could not help herself and she called Nurse Audrey a "fucking pervert." The sadistic nurse replied with a strap to the naked girls bottom until the tears flowed from Punished Brats.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Alison Miller meets her nemesis - the board of education across her bottom!

Alison Miller dreads the wooden paddle. Staying out late drinking alcohol doesn’t help her dancing in Diva Trainer. Eric Strickman says 12 swats will set her straight. We agree: let’s see her buns burn and bounce! Watch for a fascinating out-take at the end from Firm Hand Spanking!