Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lustful gay teaches twinks discipline.

Take a look at this naughty lad of older age. He is fond of teaching inexperienced twinks discipline. You will lose your mind on seeing horny boy do it in heat, because he spanks lustful twinks smooth asscheeks so well. Finally hothead twinks are made to lie against each other. Sure, this gay knows how to punish young fellows.

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American Brat in London

Our latest inmate, an American Brat who is in just the right place to have her spoilt little rich kid attitude beaten or rather spanked out of her! She meets the new Governor thinking she can demand special treatment…and gets it. But not quite the way she thought! See her story unfold over the coming weeks and the painful way she is made to submit...CLICK HERE to visit Bars and Stripes

Master skillfully punishes slave guy in heat.

You will probably go completely wild on seeing the way this naughty master punishes his obedient slave right in front of the camera. First of all, experienced and really merciless punisher makes skinny slave in boots sit down onto the floor. He places a long stick on guy’s neck and ties it to his hands. It’s not enough for relentless master, because he longs for bringing his slave much stronger pain.

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Sure, he knows which way he should act to make this submissive slave guy suffer from really unbearable pain. Hothead buddy pegs nipples and other sensitive parts of slave’s body, before whipping his juicy ass on these porn videos of your dreams. Get inside to see your dreams about ass-spanking come true easily.

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2 gorgeous girls severely spanked OTK on their delightful bottoms

Sinful master spanks and fucks slave guy.

I bet you will lose your mind and become short of breath while witnessing horny master in black mask, white t-shirt and trousers spank and bang very obedient slave right in front of the camera. Submissive slave is really miserable, you see. He can’t do anything to prevent master from spanking him like there’s no tomorrow. Thus, obedient slave just has to turn his butt towards master in order to get it flogged properly.

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When lippy master feels satisfied with flogging male slave’s butt, he makes up his mind to drill fellow’s juicy asshole doggystyle from behind. Yeah, incredibly horny master simply shoves his cock deep into guy’s butt and fucks him really hard on amazingly hot and 100% exclusive porn movies.

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Private Matters

This was the first time we got really hard spankings. Both Kristine (now known as Lorelei) and Morgan are really into spanking, so they allowed for the harder play. "Hey! Leave my panties alone! Why are you spanking me? This hurts!" exclaimed poor Kris. But, as the angry marks began to appear on her bottom, poor Kris realized she must take the spanking or tell the truth. The truth seemed worse. No! Ow! don't understand. Ouch!" cried Kristine, her bottom hot and sore. Next good video, good realety spanking film CLICK HERE to visit Good Spanking Classics

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Featuring Amber Pixie Wells.

Feeling the need for discipline in her life, the craving for spanking, Pixie visited Mistress Chelsea. The Mistress had Pixie sign a contract agreeing to turn herself over completely the experienced hands capable of giving the blonde what she said she wanted.

Chelsea reared back with the strap and landed an exacting, stinging snap.
"Mmmaaah!" Pixie shouted through her panty-gag.
"Poor Pixie," Chelsea cooed. "It's too bad you have to suffer so."
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Hot master spanks teen lad’s juicy ass.

First of all, horny man ties slave guy’s hands in order to make him even more obedient. Then lustful punisher forces male slave to lie down onto the windowsill in an old building. You see, this experienced master actually knows a lot of various means of bringing his submissive slave guy unforgettably strong pleasure, though he prefers ass-flogging.

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Relentless fellow uses leather belt for whipping butt of slave guy and does his best to bring buddy something much stronger than just pain. To tell you the truth, I have never seen anything nastier and wilder than ass-spanking depicted here. And I suppose that you will get extremely strong pleasure while watching master spank teen lad’s sweet butt.

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Friday, September 25, 2009

Mature gay teacher spanking twinks ass so skillfully.

Spanking Genie.

Starring Andrea Neal & Jessica Eden

We found a great genie outfit in a costume store and then found a gorgeous Barbara Eden lookalike. Toss in one of the best girl-next-door types of the entire spanking world and you get one darn cute video! When Andrea begins cleaning her boyfriend's apartment, she has no idea that the dusty old bottle contains a real live genie. But in no time at all, Andrea goes from rubbing the bottle, to rubbing her sore bottom. Genie's are so tricky! CLICK HERE to visit Good Spanking Classics

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Guilty bimbo gets spanked.

You will never believe your eyes when click here and see these incredibly lewd pictures featuring the violent guy heavily spanking red haired bimbo in the toilet! She was guilty, that's true, but the nasty boy just seems to adore watching gal's booties change their color from white into burning red! Watch this gallery now!

Nude slave guy gets juicy butt spanked in an old house.

Incredibly horny master in black mask gets on submissive slave’s back and forces him to deliver to an old building. Skillful punisher knows what he wants. He simply longs for bringing submissive male slave unforgettably strong pain by means of spanking his butt like there’s no tomorrow. And he knows a nice place where he could realize his desire without any difficulties.

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Sure, as soon as obedient slave guy gets undressed and turns his juicy ass towards rude master, this horny fellow in black master loses control and demonstrates slave guy what real pain is. He keeps flogging male slave’s butt in fit of unbound lust and doesn’t seem to want to stop at all. Enjoy watching naughty master punish slave guy so skillfully.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Colleague slaps sec's booties.

This series of naughty pictures is really turning on indeed as it features a slack work woman who pays the devil for her laziness and rudeness and gets the craziest punishment from her angry colleague that bends the doll over the office table and having taken the panties pleasingly slaps those bums! Watch this gallery now!

Cheeky master spanks slave guy.

Uncover real pleasure while watching horny master whip fellow’s ass right on these breathtakingly hot pictures. To be honest, I have never thought that ass-flogging might be so hot. Somehow or other, this horny master punishes his slave so skillfully now that every second of wild spanking brings him maximum pleasure. Submissive guy feels frightened and excited on being tortured to roughly right on the couch.

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He would love master to stop, but horny punisher is not going to stop spanking obedient slave guy’s butt until he feels completely satisfied with it. In fact, these are the hottest pictures showing naughty master’s hunger for spanking guy’s natural sweet butt right in front of the camera.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Indolent pupil gets punished.

The nastiest and dirtiest movie is here for you! Enjoy the cruel and merciless mother heavily punishing her indolent daughter for bad marks! She takes the tennis racket and having lifted up bimbo's school uniform kicks that small and young ass as hard as ever possible willing to hear for some excuse! Watch this gallery now!

Slave loses himself on getting ass spanked.

Experienced punisher never hesitates on choosing the way of bringing his male slave really strong pain, because he’s a real pro in ass-spanking. No wonder, extremely rude master leads his submissive slave to an old building and forces him to lower jeans right there. Without any doubts, hesitations and any kind of useless words this buddy in black mask starts spanking guy’s juicy butt in pleasurable anticipation to bring him really strong pain he has never felt before.
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It seems that dreadfully sinful master has gone wild. Look, he keeps whipping slave guy’s butt, showing no mercy at all. Take your amazing opportunity of watching genuinely hot porn pictures featuring lustful guy get ass flogged hard.
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Monday, September 21, 2009

Sweet college bimbo tied up.

What a sweet college bimbo she is! And what a lazy person she is! She never listens to her boyfriend's orders and doesn't want to study at all! Don't waste your time and click here right now to see how that naughty guy ties up the gadget and gives her a couple of lessons by spanking tender butt! Watch this gallery now!

Sinful violator makes slave lick his ass.

Breathtaking hot and really dirty scene of ass-spanking naughty slave guy has is waiting for you here. Relentless master in black mask never misses any perfect opportunity of bringing his obedient slave maximum strong pain. He can’t wait any longer to prove the fact that he’s a real professional in spanking male slave’s butt. Now both slave and his master get undressed. Hot master forces submissive slave guy to lick his juicy ass well.

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It brings passionate master real pleasure and, no wonder, his cock turns completely stiff so soon. Hellish horny master wants obedient slave guy to stand at the wall so that to spank his ass like there’s no tomorrow. You will get your rocks of watching this master punish slave guy in heat.

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Young gays get assspanked

A couple of horny twinks get caught while watching porn magazine. You see, this naughty blond twink of older age cant wait any longer to strap guys asses so well. Come inside and watch really hot guy xxx pictures featuring naughty old lad spank horny fellows luscious asses like theres no tomorrow.
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Monday, September 14, 2009

Horny twink gets punished by means of spanking

Theres nothing better than hot porn pictures featuring naughty experienced gays flog and spank less experienced twinks in fits of unbound lust. Here you can watch naughty twink Mike get his ass spanked and flogged by brunet twink . Its fucking nice to watch sexy twink get his ass spanked to red bruises.
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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Gay twinks get lashed

Seems like youre fond of watching porn dedicated to twink thrashing. Well, right here at this site you can watch really hot porn pictures featuring mature guy lash three young twinks like theres no tomorrow. Being very horny and wild, naughty grayhaired man does his best to bring sexy twinks maximum strong pain on flogging their asses.
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Friday, September 4, 2009

Dia Zerva and Chelsea

Dia Zerva and Chelsea met while doing a video for Shadow Lane together. Chelsea knew she had to get Dia over her knee again and soon! Pixie's punishment heats up quickly as emotions come to the surface for the woman who claims she needs a good spanking! Pixie signs the contract as Chelsea explains the necessity. Pixie shouts and kicks as the intensity of the spanking increases. Soon, she finds herself over Chelsea's knee.

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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Older gay flogs his young man

Dont try to resist the temptation of watching really hot gays have nice assflogging right in front of the camera. Playful mature lad longs for spanking his younger male lovers neat ass like theres no tomorrow. This filthy boy simply undresses young blond man and having forced him to lie onto his knees, he starts to flog twinks delicious asscheeks. Young guy cries of pain he feels, but naughty mature teen doesnt want to stop, because he simply cant do it. You see, older lad wont stop until he gets completely satisfied with assspanking. As for young sexy twink, he just has to bear every blast of his punishers hand. You will like these hot pictures
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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Three young twinks enjoy being spanked

You will lose your mind on seeing this horny fellow of older age spank three young lads in fit of unbound lust. Sure, experienced buddy certainly knows how to bring sexy twinks really strong pain. He makes them stand doggystyle then flogs their asses, using many different means for that. This assspanking porn is worth watching.
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