Thursday, July 31, 2014

Strapped For Knicker Smuggling

Sometimes inmates smuggle in certain items and in this case inmate Hunt was caught smuggling in a few pair of white knickers. Knickers are forbidden in the prison to allow easy access to bare bottoms when they need to be disciplined. Danielle was told to report to Punishment Room One and there she got a long hard bare bottom strapping from Spanked In Uniform!

A Serious Punishment

Busty teen babe Ashley has been expelled from senior school, at home she has been spanked and paddled but now she is in for something more. Her bad attitude calls for serious measures and the birch cane is chosen. This many stranded implement delivers a cruel pain covering the whole of her bottom, a long and painful punishment is delivered and she does not like it from Spanking Sarah.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Chip 'n' Pain

Filmed at the Shadowlane 2013 casino hotel venue, this film proved to be the catalyst for the eventual pairing of Sarah Gregory and John Osborne outside of our kink! Neither of them realized at the time just what would happen but you will get some interesting hindsight previews from this final film they made at this party event. Set at a casino, it was a plausible storyline to have them in a loving discipline relationship filmed in their hotel suite... so when Sarah decided to play and brat by hiding some of John's casino chips before he wanted to visit the tables, she knew he would search her and find what she had taken. Her ploy that he would pay more attention to her than the gaming tables paid off after he did find the missing chips on her person and he gave her a memorable "naughty girl" spanking and intimate cropping punishment that is shown in this film from Triple A Spanking!

Sorority Sister Amber Davies

Smoking a cigarette costs Amber Davies a long hard spanking in Sorority Sisters. Senior Stacy Stockton starts on Amber’s shorts but they’re soon pulled down, followed by her panties for a cheek glowing punishment. Slow-motion butt wobbling replays from Firm Hand Spanking!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Evacuees

Evacuees Molly and Alexander are sent to the house of strict Dr Barton. He tolerates no misbehaviour, scolding them and punishing them with over the knee, bare bottom spankings from Dreams of Spanking!

Monday, July 28, 2014

The Punishment Of Eve Edgar

Eve Edgar has to report for punishment, it has been ordered by her husband and it must be humiliating and of a most severe nature. She is not willing at first to accept the punishment but realises she has no alternative. She is paddled strapped, cropped and caned, the results are plain to see. This is a genuine punishment and is filmed exactly as it happened we have her husband's permission to use the video from English Spanking.

Stacy Stockton visits The Principal’s Office to bend over for a paddling

Pretty blue-eyed senior Stacy Stockton is caught ditching school. Principal Harris offers a 5-day suspension or 10 swats of the paddle. Her clothes earn an extra two burning swats on her thinly protected butt! Hot slow-mo replays and impact freeze-frames from Firm Hand Spanking!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Late Schoolgirl

Since returning from 'Discipline Camp,' Mandie has done her very best to be a good girl. No more drinking or insolence to those in authority. One day, she was studying with friends and lost track of the time. He father had set a strict rule that she is to come straight home from school. Suddenly Mandie realized that it had gotten late and her heart began to beat rapidly from fear. She grabbed her books and computer and ran to the bus. When she got home her father waiting for her and was clearly unhappy. Soon, she found herself over her father's lap for a spanking. As he put her in place and lifted her skirt, Mandie cried "I'm sorry!" This did not deter her father from the mission of giving his daughter the punishment needed to keep her from regressing. Her spanking began over her regulation school panties, and then to her bare bottom. Unlike in previous times, Mandie did not disrespect her disciplinarian, all she could do was cry from the pain and humiliation from Punished Brats.

Snow Punishes Ashley Severely

In one of the most severe punishments you will find anywhere, Ashley Rose begins to spank Teacher Snow Mercy because she has incriminating photos of her. But that spanking is nothing compared to what Snow does to Ashley, brutally using every implement imaginable until Ashley is crying uncontrollably and her bottom bruised and bloody. Ashley learns a harsh lesson - you don't mess with Teacher Snow from Spanking Sorority Girls!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Seating Plan

Ten Amorette gives sister-in-law Pandora Blake a firm over the knee spanking through sheer tights. Will Pandora treat Ten's brother right? A hard hairbrush spanking on the bare bottom should make sure from Dreams of Spanking!

Druged And Tied

Vicky is being very nice to Aunty Katie but she has an ulterior motive. She intends to drug and abuse Katie but will she get away with it? Oh no, Sarah comes to the rescue and Vicky soon finds herself in the most humiliating positions getting her bottom well beaten with a leather paddle. Hard accurate strokes soon make her a very sorry young lady from Spanking Sarah.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Mother Spanks - Remastered

Sarah's mom comes home early from vacation to find not only her own bed is a mess, but there are condoms in it too. At first Sarah lies about the fact that she used her mom's bed for sex, but once she is getting a good spanking, she is quick to tell the truth and plead for forgiveness from Momma Spankings!