Sunday, June 30, 2013

Cory and Rani

A few days ago I told Rani and Cory to come over so I could discipline them. Rani had not paid her taxes on time and Cory's flat was a total mess again Rani arrived and my wife called if I could pick her up from the station so I told Rani to let Cory in, give her something to drink, and I would be back in 30 min or so. Little did I know that Rani had other plans for Cory. She told her that I told Rani to give Cory a warm up spanking. Cory thought she had no choice but agree and Rani took Cory over her knee. As if I wouldn't notice!. I returned, took the girls upstairs, and when I was about to spank Cory, I saw her red bottom. I then gave Cory my leather paddle and she paddled Rani which was very humiliating for her. Just what she deserved from Real Life Spankings!

Sarah's Provocation

Sarah and I begin playing out another of our many spanking scenes. But, I guess I might have taken things a bit too far. Chelsea is quite put out by the turn of events. Sarah smiles as Chelsea kicks and whines! Chelsea shouts out something she'll later regret. Sarah goes to town on Chelsea's bratty bottom! From Good Spanking!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Plumber Dixie Spanks Kay

Plumber Dixie comet is bending over and working on Kay's pipes, but not getting the job done, so Kay tries to give her some spanks. But Dixie won't tolerate this and instead puts Kay over her knee and spanks her until she speckles. From My Spanking Roommate or the 4 site Clare Fonda Pass!

Verity Page Strapped For Cash

Young housewife Verity Page needs to borrow some money and the only people she can turn to are the Strapped For Cash company. She needs quite a lot of money and as she hears the terms of the loan she is not so sure of herself. Having little choice she does have to accept the strange terms offered to her, in return for the loan she will have to bare her bottom and bend over for a severe beating. This she does and a very large and heavy paddle is used on her big bottom which is left sore and well marked from Red Stripe Films.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Faxed Over

Mei had the important task of faxing patient prescription refills to the pharmacy at the end of the business day. Unfortunately, Mei faxed all of the prescriptions to the office supply company instead leading to much confusion and patients being without their medications. Dr. Veronica is furious and spanks her with a heavy oval paddle to teach her the importance of paying attention to detail from Punished Brats.

Elegant, classy flight attendant Adrienne Black has her bare bottom spanked!

She may look like Miss Perfect, but Adrienne Black can’t help pushing the rules in High Fliers. She’s working for a new boss and thinks she can wear what she wants: WRONG! Alison Miller swiftly puts Adrienne over her knee for a 192-smack bare-ass spanking from Firm Hand Spanking!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Late For Practise

In the office Julie is bent over the chair first and she gets a sound leather paddling from coach. She then has to stand in the corner, bottom still bare, and watch as Scarlett gets her paddling. Both girls are then told to practise untill 10 that night from Spanked In Uniform!

The Cane For New Model Lola Marie

This is the last part of the interview of my new spanking model Lola Marie. I have already given her a spanking and used some of my nastiest implements. Just what would it take to get the smile off this girls face and to get her to say that she has had enough punishment. Well I am a trier so I introduced her to my best and swishiest cane. Now she was not so sure of herself but she did bend over and cheekily push her lovely bottom out for me and I have to say this, I did cane this young lady and I did lay on every stroke. The result, well you will just have to come and take a look from Spanking Sarah.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Jenna Jay is Caned & Paddled

This is the last of 4 films featuring naughty schoolgirls, Aleesha Fox and Jenna Jay. In this short, sharp shock film we see Jenna given a paddling and caning she won't forget in a hurry that has her quickly trying to behave at last to avoid further pain, shame and embarrassment. Both implements are used with devastating effect on her sore red quivering bottom! Features some great reactions and some genuinely severe CP when a naughty young madam only learns her lesson the hard, old fashioned way from Triple A Spanking!

Sasha Harding has her bottom spanked for buying unsuitable pets.

Sasha Harding spends $5,000 on ponies and penguins in Rich Brat! Patrick Bateman thinks she’s in a parallel universe with pool penguins - and she hires a circus performer to look after them. See her juicy booty spanked 355 times to bouncing redness from Firm Hand Spanking!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


A stressed-out bride insists on punishing her long-suffering maid of honour, but when even this doesn't calm her down, Nimue turns the tables and gives Molly what she really needs: the cane from >Dreams of Spanking!

The Cane For You Young Lady

Sophie Parker has filmed for English Spankers before and she knows that we always expect our spanking models to turn up to the shoot without any marks on their bottoms. When Sarah takes a look at Sophie's bottom it is quite obvious that she has been spanked and paddled quite recently, maybe with her boyfriend, having some fun before the shoot!. Sarah is not best pleased and decides that the only thing to do is to quickly spank Sophie and then get right on and give her a damn good hard caning, and that is just what she does from English Spanking.