Monday, October 31, 2011

Spanking for Katherine St James from new boss Mr Turner

Katherine St James gets it SO wrong in Corporal Air when she mocks her new boss, Mr Turner - all because he looks so young! Eric Strickman is in Europe and hands over responsibility for Miss St James - and that includes spanking her rear a cherry red. 500 smacks will teach respect from Firm Hand Spanking!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

No more credit for Ruby Big Boobs

Ruby is a big girl in all ways and loves to display her enormous boobs. She also has a secret love for new shoes; she has maxed out her husband’s credit cards and he is not best pleased so, big boobs bouncing she is put over his knee for a blistering spanking. Just watch as her boobs bounce to the spanking , take a look at the free video on the website from Red Stripe Films.

Missy Rhodes next

Missy Rhodes is such a sweet and sexy little hottie with such a pert bottom that it is quite exciting to find out that she was spanked growing up. Both Mom and Dad lectured pretty little Missy and took her over their knees. Missy had ber panties taken down by mom and her small and tight bottom got so read sometimes she even cried. Missy admits that spanking actually did teach her a lesson from Spanked Sweeties or the 4 site Clare Fonda Pass.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Becky lesson that she will never forget!

Becky was caught stealing from her best friends mother, so instead of calling the police she decided to teach Becky a lesson she would never forget! She bends her over her knee and starts to spank her tushy, she then strips her hose off and exposes her nice ass. She then starts to spank her ass with her bare hand after a while she really starts to spank her ass harder and harder from Bad Tushy!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Perfect paddling for pert newbie Kelly Morgan

“Oh my God!” gasps pretty newcomer Kelly Morgan in her debut series, The Intern. “That HURTS!” The crack of a leather paddle 27 times across bare skin is a treat. So special that all 27 swats are shown on Reaction Cam too: she’s totally natural. Watch out for two fast sets of five: ouch from Firm Hand Spanking!

Thursday, October 27, 2011


The farmer has been losing apples from his orchard, windows have been broken in the greenhouse and some of his crops have been damaged and so when the gamekeeper catches Sarah in the orchard it is easy to lay the blame for all this on her. The farmer believes in quick, rough and painful justice and orders the gamekeeper to throw her over a wooden trestle in the woodshed. Picking up a long batten he starts to lay into the denim clad bottom before him. After delivering a good thrashing her denims and panties come down as she is spanked, given some more with the lathe of wood and then caned hard. A great story and some real hard hitting bottom bruising spanking, paddling and caning from Spanking Sarah...

Self Defilers

Jasmine visits Sophie in her bedroom shortly before lights out! They're just having a girly natter and gossip about their day but being in each others rooms is strictly forbidden and things get worse when Jasmine starts playing with herself under the sheets and the girls argue a little about the etiquette of "wanking" in another's bed! Old Osborne, forever patrolling the corridors hears the disturbance investigating the noise from Sophie's room. He decides to punish them both when the truth comes out and Sophie is keen not to get into trouble so she explains why it was all Jasmine's fault because she was touching herself down below. Osborne is horrified and is shocked that his girls "self defile" in such a way and after a knicker and sheet inspection finds both girls guilty of this carnal crime! They complain and bicker but they are both strapped and paddled with his leather implements before he sends Jasmine back to her room with a sore aching red bottom and tucks Sophie back into bed with an equally tender throbbing backside for her to reflect on being such a tattle tale... Jasmine was far from happy at being made the wanking scapegoat, Sophie had better watch her back (and bottom), Jasmine definitely has plans of revenge for sure from Triple A Spanking!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Crying Wolf

A Halloween Treat! Punished Brats' take on Little Red Riding Hood.
Pixie as Little Red Riding Hood finds The Big Bad wolf (Richard Windsor) at her grandmother's house. Is he going to eat her? No! He's going to paddle her hard for all of the trouble she's caused him. Her bottom is glowing bright red as her cape by the end of this from bare bottom punishment.

Trouble on campus

45 swats with a leather paddle, most on bare skin or panties down, will teach freshman Marissa Berkeley to have more respect for students and teachers. Earl Grey warns her: “Sorority is a privilege that needs to be earned.” Her jiggling buns look sore, and twin Clarissa is next from Firm Hand Spanking!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Beautiful beatings

Paris and Scarlot have almost completed their auditions for English Spankers when it is decided they should punish each other, just to test their commitment you understand. They are now naked and use a rather nasty looking flogger on each other before they are both flogged by their interviewer. Still not satisfied that they truly understand what being a spanking model is all about he paddles both girls on their bare bottoms.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Angel gets punished for not showing up

As you must have noticed in the latest videos we renovated our house. When we were going to paint, Angel said she would come and help and we counted on it but the little madam didn't show up. When I asked her about it, she confessed she had drank too much the night before and had a bit of a hangover. I decided to give her two spankings. The first one was a sound OTK leather paddling, followed by a full hour in the corner. Then she went over my knee for a sound bare bottom hairbrush spanking for the drinking from Real Life Spankings.

Belt on her bare booty as Alison

What a sight! Alison Miller exercising on a cross trainer, buttocks tensing and rolling as her legs pump up and down. When Eric Strickman finds she went out without permission, 200 with a belt is applied across her jiggling cheeks, plus a few spanks too. Slow-mo replay booty heaven from Firm Hand Spanking!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Missy Rhodes

Missy was spanked by mom and dad growing up and also punished with other traditional methods such as "time out." She is delightfully naughty in her scenes and gives a vivid interview. Tegan Summers makes a cameo as Missy's spanked sister from Spanked Sweeties or the 4 site Clare Fonda Pass.