Friday, August 28, 2009

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Chelsea Spanks Sinn

From the shoot that gave us all the idea to create this site. Sinn takes the longest, hardest spanking Chelsea had ever given her before. That's when we all knew we had a true spanking enthusiast on our hands!
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Thursday, August 27, 2009

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Elizabeth takes a hard paddling.

Elizabeth Sherman is taking the second of two wooden implements in her reality spanking session. This real-life spanko is trouper!

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Friday, August 21, 2009

Red-haired Spanking

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Spanking Story - Lights, Camera, Paddle!

Cheryl sat on the couch and faced the camera. She allowed a makeup "artist" to touch up her cheeks with some rouge paste. She watched blithely as the director moved about the set to make sure that everything was in place. "Cheryl, baby. You ready?" Cheryl popped out her gum and stuck it on the makeup man's forehead. "Yeah, sure, Billy. Let's get this over with, ok?" The director coughed and looked around. A few of the cameramen were giggling. Albert "Billy" Banes watched as the makeup man walked off the set, cursing as he pulled sticky gum residue off of his forehead. Billy leaned over and whispered to Cheryl. "Look, Cheryl. I told you to call me 'Albert' while we were on the set. Calling me 'Billy' makes it seem as if we might be sleeping together or something." Cheryl swung her head around. She whispered back to him. "Well, ain't we?" Cheryl turned toward the mostly bored crew. "Hey, everybody! I fucked and sucked Billy here just so I could be in this movie." The crew doubled up with laughter as Billy scrambled off the set and ran for his office. His face was beet red and he wanted to die. This was the third time some "actress" of his had spouted off like that in front of the crew. It was bad enough that he was behind schedule and his distributor was screaming for the picture. "Big budget," they had told him. Yeah, right! The only thing big about the budget was the height in which the checks bounced. Billy sat down at his desk and put his head in his hands. A knock came at the door. "Come in," Billy yelled. Cheryl walked in, still wearing her satin robe. "I'm sorry, Billy. Can we please finish this? I'm cold and I wanna fuck this guy so I can go home." Billy looked in disgust at his newest starlet. They were all the same. Young girl (not under eighteen, according to birth certificates and photo ID's) just arrived in LA. They all were looking to break into show business. Billy would constantly prowl the night clubs and seedier saloons looking for ripe young victims to drag into his world. Cheryl Cheeks (formerly Cindy Lou Simpson of Des Moines, Iowa) was the latest in a long string of "actresses" looking for a way into the business. "Cheryl, honey, I told you that this isn't a porno flick. You don't fuck anybody. You get your pretty ass paddled on screen to cater to the perverts who pay my check and yours." Cheryl opened her robe and revealed a sleek teddy. "Is that why I'm not naked?" Billy sighed. "Yes, baby." Cheryl looked outraged. "I thought you said that I was gonna be _padded_, not paddled." "Why did you think I helped you pick out the name 'Cheryl Cheeks'?" "I thought it was because I was gonna be getting fucked up the ass or something." Billy's ears perked up. "You like doing that?" "No, but I'll do anything for money." Billy sighed again. "Then what's the problem with taking a few whacks on your pert little fanny?" "It'll hurt!" Billy snickered to himself. "Don't you think taking a cock up the ass would hurt?" "I dunno." Billy sat back in his chair. "Well, I'll show you the difference tonight. But to see the difference, you'll have to get paddled right now. You understand?" Cheryl's eyes lit up. "Yeah, it's like science. You have to experience both in order to make a judgement about it, right?" Billy actually clapped his hands. "Yes, perfect. Now go out there and get ready. Oh, and send in Martin Kanes. I need to talk to him." "Sure, Billy...Albert!" Billy quickly pulled out a bottle of Jack that was nestled in his bottom desk drawer. He took a quick pull and replaced the bottle. Martin Kanes walked through the door. He was a powerfully built man who couldn't act worth a damn. But he could swing a mean paddle and cane. "You wanted to see me, Billy?" Billy gave up. Nobody was going to take him seriously and call him Albert. "Yes. Sit down, Martin." Martin strode in and sat in the chair. "Listen to this. Tell me what you think." Martin took a deep breath. "To be, or not to be, that is the question. Whether 'tis..." "Fine, great. Sounding better and better." Billy groaned inwardly. Idiot wanted to be a Shakespearian actor. Kanes still thought the Immortal Bard was a Dungeons and Dragons character that found the fountain of youth. Billy leaned forward. "The script calls for you to paddle Cheryl with a bath brush and then with your belt, right?" Kanes smiled as he looked forward to reddening the sexy girl's cheeks. "Yep." "I'm making a script change." "Do I get more lines? I can do it like Shakespeare. 'Bend at thy waist and prepare thouself to receive mine paddle.'" "No!" Billy yelped out. Why oh why did he agree to direct these pictures. He could've been a doctor by now. "No, just a little change in the implements. I still want you to use the bath brush. Only the script calls for ten really hard strikes with it. I want to change that to Thirty. Thirty really really really really hard hits. Got it?" Kanes grinned. "Sure. No problem. Want me to lecture her while I'm hitting her?" "Yes...NO!" Lord knows what this idiot would say if given the chance to ad-lib. "Oh, and instead of the belt, use a cane. Oh, about ten or twelve really powerful strokes." Kanes rubbed his hands together. "Alright! She won't mind?" Billy smiled. "Nope. She wants it really painful. We've even given her extra coaching so she'll really look like she hates it. Remember, the title of the film is 'Please Don't Beat Me', so she needs to look like she doesn't like it. Don't worry, though, she loves every smack of it." Billy sat in his director's chair. "Ok, QUIET ON THE SET! Places people! Damnit, Harry, get that fucking book off the set." Kanes stepped forward. "That's my book, Billy. It reminds me of Shakespeare so I do a better job in delivering my lines." A collective groan went up around the set. "Ok," Billy said. "Leave the book, Harry. Just, uh, move it sort of off to the side. Oh, Cheryl, honey, there's been a slight script change. Martin's going to tie your hands and feet to the table instead of you remaining free." Cheryl looked out at Billy. "Tie me up?" Billy nodded. "Yes. It's got more of a dramatic feel to it. Might bring us an award." Cheryl perked up. "Ok." Billy smiled. "Places!" He waited until everyone was into position. "Roll camera! Action!" Kanes moved around the side of the couch. "Damnit, Linda! This is the third time this week that you've talked back to me...Uh, Billy?" Billy put his head in his hands. "CUT! What, Martin?" "Well, I was just sort of thinking about that. I mean, why would my character be so enraged over a little thing like his maid talking back to him? What's my motivation here?" Billy sighed. Why did he hire Martin. He could've gotten Dan Rivera or somebody. Why Martin? "Well, Martin, I think that the writer wanted the audience to think that your character was a very strict man. Talking back is as bad a crime to him as murder. I think that's what motivates the character in this scene." Cheryl piped in. "If I'm the maid, why am I wearing this teddy instead of a maid's outfit?" "If you remember, baby, we did a scene earlier today where we established that you couldn't sleep so you got up and came out to the living room. Remember that?" "Oh. I thought that was for another movie." "No, dear. It's for this one." "Ok." "Thanks, Billy," Martin said. "That helps me a lot." "No problem, Martin. Everybody ready? Good. Places. Roll camera. ACTION!" Again Martin moved around the couch. "Damnit, Linda! This is the second time this week you've talked back to me. I won't stand for it." Somewhere Martin had gone from the third time to the second. Billy knew that he should stop, but it would cost too much money to do another retake. Cheryl gave him an impish look. "Well, Mr. Hickey, what do you intend to do about it." Billy motioned for Henry to retrieve the bottle of Jack. The character's name was Hickory, not Hickey. Martin struck a pose. "I intend to teachest thou a lesson thou wouldst not soon forget!" Billy felt the tears beginning to sting his eyes. Dan Rivera and Kiri Kelly. Dan Rivera and Eve Howard. Dan Rivera and anybody. Why didn't he shell out the extra money to get Dan Rivera? Billy watched as Martin manhandled Cheryl into position over the table. He watched in glee as Cheryl's hands and feet were bound. Martin picked up the bath brush that was sitting on the telephone stand. "Now I'm going to teach you a good lesson." Billy watched as Martin drew his arm back to its limit. He watched that powerful uncoil and accelerate that brush. Everyone heard the deafening CRACK as the wooden bath brush struck Cheryl's pantied bottom. "OUCH!!!!!! You fucker! That hurt!" "Ha," Martin said and held the brush aloft. "For using scandalous language, I shall now bare thy bodkin!" Billy heard the groans around him. He should stop the picture because those sounds were probably picked up by the mikes. Oh well, no matter. The home audience would probably be groaning at that point anyway. Martin watched in delight as Cheryl's panties were yanked down. There on her otherwise white cheeks was a nasty red splotch. Martin drew back for another hit. CRACK!!!!!!! "Mother Fucker! That fucking hurts! Stop it! Let me go!" CRACK!!!!!!! "OH FUCK!!!!! I hate this! Please let me go!" CRACK!!!!!!! "Take the fucking money back! I don't wanna be an actress!" CRACK!!!!!!! Cheryl's voice broke into harsh sobs. Billy felt his pants becoming very tight. CRACK!!!!!!! CRACK!!!!!!! CRACK!!!!!!! CRACK!!!!!!! CRACK!!!!!!! CRACK!!!!!!! CRACK!!!!!!! CRACK!!!!!!! CRACK!!!!!!! CRACK!!!!!!! CRACK!!!!!!! CRACK!!!!!!! CRACK!!!!!!! CRACK!!!!!!! CRACK!!!!!!! CRACK!!!!!!! CRACK!!!!!!! CRACK!!!!!!! CRACK!!!!!!! CRACK!!!!!!! CRACK!!!!!!! CRACK!!!!!!! CRACK!!!!!!! CRACK!!!!!!! CRACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cheryl's ass was a mass of red blotches with many many dark rings adorning it. Billy smiled broadly. Martin picked up the cane. "And now to further chastise your errant cane." Cheryl let out a fresh scream of protests. "Quiet! This will teach you when to sleep. To sleep, perchance to dream; Aye, there's the rub!" Shish! CRACK!!! Cheryl howled and cursed. Billy rubbed at his swollen cock. This was better then he imagined. She was really getting the works. Of course, he would have to sweeten the pot so she didn't press charges, but it was worth it. He motioned for the cameraman to keep rolling.

Lovers of Discipline

Charles Buchanan and his beautiful new wife Kate are forced to resort to harsh disciplinary measures when their teenage daughter Clarrissa and neice Cloe are expelled from an exclusive school for possession of drugs. Kate dispises the truculent and tarty Clarrissa and has long looked forward to punishing her soundly...

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Experienced gay flogging disobedient twinks

As a matter of fact, this mature experienced gay adores flogging slaves of younger age. No wonder, he cant wait to spank two young twinks right in front of the camera now. Lustful fellows are made to get undressed so that to get their sweet asscheeks spanked right on the couch. You got to see this wonderful guy assspanking.

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Angel's introduction

Hai! My name is Angel and i just turned 19. I live in Holland too and i have been fascinated by old fashioned spanking since i was little. It took a lot of nerve but i finally wanted to ecperience spanking myself so i contacted Mike and Kelly and they now give me what i allways dreamed about...(yum) Mike says i am cheeky and bratty and sassy he calls it (not!)...shhhhh He is ever so strict though and my poor bottom is allways soooo red when he leaves but it is sooooo exciting....He even puts me in the corner! sheesh What am i? 10?

After Angel was introduced she went over My knee for her first ever spanking. The silly girl offcourse wore a string which meant that when her pants came down there was not much protection.
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Saturday, August 15, 2009

White Wedding

Sinn with Natalie Minx

It's their wedding night and Sinn and Natalie make their way to the bedroom to enjoy each other and revel in their lovely day their way. Their way includes much kissing, spanking and making love.

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A Few Easy Lessons, Part Ten and Final

Jewell Marceau is mighty sorry she instructed Sinn so well in the use of so MANY implements. Just as her strapping is over, her caning begins!

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Friday, August 14, 2009

A lot of trouble

Arnold comes home a lot earlier than expected and finds Justine sitting on the floor, smoking cigarettes and drinking martini - the whole living room is a mess on top. And as if this isn’t enough, Justine even tries to get herself out of the trouble by lying about it. So there's nothing left to do for Arnold than fetching the lexan paddle and give Justine a proper spanking for her misbehaviour.

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

January Seraph From Good Spanking

January Seraph takes and OTK strapping and then moves on to the real thing as she nears the end of her long half hour spanking session ordeal!

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bitch Spanking

Beautiful brunette bitch with an amazing desirable body has got unbelievable sexy ass! Here you can see the chick getting punished for being a disobedient and noisy girl today! Her strict boyfriend always spanks the kitten who seems to like getting her adorable butt smacked.

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You get to see these naughty girls being punished. Watch them bend over, remove their underwear, and their bare asses receive punishment! As the spanking continues, they begin pleasuring each other with their tongues. Join now and watch this hot lesbian spanking!
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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Spankıng Beautiful Girl

Sometimes the nice need to be naughty! Nina will be tied up and punished ... Its beautiful and sexual breasts and ass open for punishment. Girlfriend prepared whip and starts with a penalty stroke and the strokes and light, over time instituting grows and strikes become stronger and the surface ass blushes ...
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Monday, August 10, 2009

Sinn's Revenge

Evil step mom Chelsea is in for it when Sinn finds a hidden credit card statement. Chelsea may have blackmailed Sinn into the spanking of her life when she sneaked home in the wee hours of the morning. But, now Sinn has her own reason for giving a blackmail spanking!

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Sunday, August 9, 2009

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Horny blond lad loves punishing his slave friends and he thinks that theres no better way to bring young twinks really strong pain but to spank their asses well. Its high time for horny lad to demonstrate his skills of flogging. In fact, sinful lad is a professional in spanking twink guys asses. Watch these hot xxx pictures now.

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