Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Risqué Method

Featuring Mei Mara with Chelsea
Mei was at her usual weekly visit with me, her therapist. And, having been encouraged to speak up and express her feelings, she revealed something very interesting. She'd been spanked on a first date with someone she really liked AND had like it! I knew immediately that the spanking was a theme we had to explore.

Late for School

No one likes getting up in the morning but when Danielle is consistently late for school steps have to be taken to right the situation and get this naughty young lady moving. Dragged out of her bed she is placed over the knee of her uncle who proceeds to spank her pyjama shorts. When this does not have the desired effect he removes these and takes his leather paddle to her soft and warming bottom. A good sound paddling over the knee then kneeling up on the bed will get her moving from English Spanking.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Capturing Blondie

In this exciting sequel to our very popular Trespassing, Sinn has come around to Chelsea's way of life and is now her cohort in snagging lovely, unsuspecting hikers into their lair. Pretty Lily is hiking on Chelsea's property. Of course, she missed the "No Trespassing" sign that Chelsea has supposedly posted. Sinn spies Lily and seduces her into a shaded cove. Sinn begins to make the moves on Lily and the two begin making out. That's when Chelsea catches them. And, catches is the right word. Lily has been captured. Just as Sinn had, Lily has also been in trouble with the law and when the words "county sheriff" are spoken, no more persuasion is needed to make Lily do whatever Sinn and Chelsea want her to do. From Spank Sinn Home.

School Detention

This girl has attitude! Texting on her cell-phone in from School Detention gets her into trouble with Mr Anderson. Bent over her desk in school uniform, she’s strapped with a tawse. Those white cotton panties are soon pulled down for 42 stinging, bottom quivering strokes to make her truly sorry.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Smugglers of the Running Fox

Young Charlie is a sailor with secrets. Investigation by the Excise leads to the local pub, where landlady, barmaid and Charlie are subjected to strapping and interrogation. Who will be the first to break? From Dreams of Spanking.

Piper - Disqualification

Piper is disqualified and not allowed to continue participating in the tennis match after she gives the finger to the umpire. The fiery red head's poor judgement continues in the locker room when she flips off Veronica too! Veronica's response is even stronger than the umpire's as she applies a wooden hairbrush to the bratty girl's backside from Punished Brats.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Maid's Confession

The maid at last confessed her secrecy and asked for a punishment. She had left her mistress in the dark about breakking plates a few days ago. She knew the punishment will be much more severe if madam found out that. She just had to plucked up her courage from Cutie Spankee...

Cheerleader Kelly Morgan spanked nude

Kelly Morgan strips nude for the first time. Tight all-over tanned figure, bouncing bottom, natural 34C breasts: this Cheer Captain is HOT! Her 220-smack spanking is for making out with a football jock in the locker room. Totally topless, teeth-gritting Reaction Cam shots are smokin’ from Firm Hand Spanking!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Maid Selection

Lord Barnet auditions candidates for the position of housemaid in his manor with the assistant of his trusty butler and senior housemaid. From Northern Spanking.

Saturday, May 26, 2012


Randyis a 22 year old straight guy from the neighborhood near our studiowith a live in girlfriend whose name is tattooed on his chest nextto a fresh hickey from her. Shedoesn't know that Randy agreed tomake gay videos with us. Scottstripped the young man down andused two leather paddles on his cute, tight ass, but it wasn't until heused his painful metal paddle the he made a real impression onthe nervous Randy from Reluctant Young Men.