Thursday, August 7, 2014

Good Girl Spanked

Mandie had always been such a good girl that it came as a shock to her mother that her well behaved daughter would say unkind things to Mary, the nice girl who lived next door. Mary’s mother was most upset and brought the matter to her friend, Amber. Mandie’s mom assured Mary’s that she would get to the seat of the matter. After chastising Mandie for being rude and nasty to Mary, she informed her daughter that she was to be spanked. Mandie replied, “No, it’s gonna hurt!” Mandie’s stern, but loving, mother noted that such was the desired result and that it was for her own good. Amber spanked her daughter with a hair brush over she shorts, then her panties and then her bare bottom. As Mandie’s panties were lowered she pleaded that she not be so humiliated. Amber replied, “A spanking is never complete until it is done upon the bare bottom.” From Punished Brats.

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