Friday, November 6, 2015

Grad Student

Grad instructor and Ph.D. Candidate Audrey had an appointment to meet Ami about selecting a major. As she let herself in, she was shocked to see Ami standing in the corner with her very red bottom exposed. It was then she met Veronica, Ami's Rent a Mom. When asked who she was, Audrey introduced herself and Veronica noted that this saved her a walk. Audrey inquired what she meant. To her horror, Audrey's mother had procured Veronica's service to punish her for running up the charges on her credit card. Suddenly that soon to be theoretical physicist found herself receiving a comprehensive education in the law of thermodynamics as she found her bottom heating up as Veronica spanked it. It was also clear that the pain of the spanking increased exponentially when her bottom was bared.
After Audrey was thoroughly spanked, the tearful graduate instructor was lead to the corner and made to stand in the corner next to Ami, one of her students. As she and Ami stood with their bare red bottoms on display, Audrey was informed that Veronica had been retained by her mother and that she faced many more spankings unless she got her spending under control from Punished Brats.

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