Friday, August 12, 2016

Attitude Adjustment

Elle had been caught bringing the entire cheer squad into disrepute by texting nude and explicit images of herself to the football players leading them on. She is a headstrong girl and doesn't like being told off. Her coach, Robert Shore, was given the task of disciplining her properly and had full authority to have her expelled if necessary. Sassy Elle would not accept that her attitude in this affair was woefully wrong, and given the option of expulsion or a spanking she took the immediate option. He started spanking her over her panties, however, she was still complaining and he could tell she was not really learning her lesson. He decided she would lose the privilege of privacy "down below". He yanked off her panties as she protested and her tight bare bottom got a harder hand spanking as she kicked and screamed. Eventually this humiliating OTK spanking started to get through to her that she had to modify her rude behavior if she wanted to remain on the cheer squad. See long legged sassy Elle kick, complain and squirm as her bottom was spanked a shameful burning crimson from Cheerleader Spankings

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