Thursday, September 22, 2011

Drunk and topless

Foxxy and Brittany misbehaved badly again!
These two little madams went out to a pub and got quite drunk with the result that they ended up dancing on the tables topless! Time for another proper discipline session involving more then just a spanking you would agree.
ordered them to come over and I started with giving them both a sound OTK spanking after which I placed them against the wall next to the window so everyone passing the building can see their sore red bare bottoms. The second part of their punishment was a sound paddling with my heavy leather paddling. The third part was quite humiliating but if they wanted to show their body to strangers in a bar then they can show it to you members as well. In the diaper position they got a sound bare bottom birching! The last part I had them kneel on the table and they felt our dreaded and feared Stinger on their bare bottoms from Real Life Spankings.

1 comment:

  1. The public bare bottomed corner time is a nice touch.