Monday, September 26, 2011

School bully spanked

We are starting a new series on Redstripe this week. Longer and more detailed stories, maybe up to five episodes per story, this gives us the chance to develop the story and to give more and different punishments and discipline sessions to our lovely spankees. Honee Wells is a bully, she knows it and everyone in the school knows it. She has now been sent to see the head teacher who is determined to cure her of her nasty ways. His methods would be considered old fashioned and not quite the thing in these liberal days; he is a firm believer in giving the bully a taste of her own medicine and then some. To start with he is going to try an over the knee spanking, not just a gentle spanking but a full on, bottom blistering to see if this might work. We shall see from Red Stripe Films.

1 comment:

  1. I have to admit that in my earlier teens I was a school bully who ended up in front of mother supier after an incident on the school yard.
    She had warned me on two occasions about my bullying of the younger kids. Well it was my turn to be bullied and she told me to bend over despite my complaints I started to touch my toes.
    Imagine my horror when she sternly ordered me "not that way Miss, no like a baby over my knees"
    So to my unending shame I slowly bent over her knees to receive my only ever spanking. She upped my skirt laughed as she lowered my tights and gave my panties a smacking that left crying like a baby.
    So at tea time I had to sit at the juniors table with juniors cloths.
    The shame of it I never bullied again that was 25 odd years ago